• Beauty

    In the darkest
    Night of nights
    When the moon
    Has all but perished... more »

  • Come Witness Charles Darwin At Work!

    There's nothing new to talk about
    Nothing new to say
    Nothing new on television
    No new games to play... more »

  • Glad To Be Alive And To Be Richard Sopko

    I'm glad that my face isn't riddled with holes
    Because I've yet to duet with Beyonce Knowles
    I'm glad that no knives are deep in my gut
    Now that'd put my social life into a rut... more »

  • Intrinsically Untitled

    Oh what a word upon my lips
    So savory to sound
    And when it finally comes to pass
    I'll be buried in the ground... more »

  • My Coffin

    Bang! Goes each and every nail in my coffin
    All the noise is disturbing and I find it quite perturbing
    That I'm put inside a coffin when I'm just not very dead
    I'm confused that I might lose my life inside this unwanted bed... more »

  • Ours Is A Dance

    Ours is a dance
    Step to step we move
    A bead above your brow to be kissed
    In sync does the heart beat... more »

  • Rather Untitled

    There's nothing on my lips
    No name dances on my tongue
    And this is it
    I'm all grown up... more »

  • Smiles On All The Children

    Perhaps the world
    Will come to need
    Talents such as mine
    My hands are full of razorblades... more »

  • So Nocturnal

    We slept in caves so the sun's rays wouldn't burn our face
    Scurried through high wheat fields the hanging moon joins us
    He guides us like a caring mother's hand on ours
    Tonight he is our companion to the chase... more »

  • These Are Things I'Ll Never Be

    I'll never be a boxer
    I haven't got the body mass
    I'll never be a gentleman
    I just don't have the class... more »

  • Where We Are

    Where the sea meets land and hand in hand we dance across valleys of wheat I will meet you there with a smile and a wink.
    Where man has made mountains of girders and steel I shall scale them muscles exposed to the brittle winds of a losing fight.
    Where all of the creature's real or imaginary hide peeking out at us in our pale people suits hung loosely to our hearts.
    Where nothing matters but each moment in time when I brush fingers across your limbs as we watch atoms move so chaotically in explosive patterns.... more »