Richard Wilbur March 1, 1921

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Where is On the Marginal Way by Richard Wilbur?
Where is Seed Leaves by Richard Wilbur?
I would love to see Mind included in Wilbur's list. Such a masterful combination of word play cleverness and artistry, as is most of his work. Mind Mind in its purest play is like some bat That beats about in caverns all alone, Contriving by a kind of senseless wit Not to conclude against a wall of stone. It has no need to falter or explore; Darkly it knows what obstacles are there, And so may weave and flitter, dip and soar In perfect courses through the blackest air. And has this simile a like perfection? The mind is like a bat. Precisely. Save That in the very happiest of intellection A graceful error may correct the cave.
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