• Good Sportsmanship

    Good sportsmanship we hail, we sing.
    It's always pleasant when you spot it.
    There's only one unhappy thing;
    You have to lose to prove you've got it.... more »

  • Little Boys Are Treasures

    Little boys are treasures
    Who are worth their weight in gold
    And charm everyone around them
    From the time they're hours old.... more »

  • My Food Grows Colder

    Please don't get up, she said to me
    While pausing at my table
    But I got up so she could see... more »

  • My Mattress And I

    Night after night, for years on end,
    My mattress has been my closest friend.

    My mattress and I are cozy and pally;
    There are hills on the sides - I sleep in the valley.... more »

  • Numbers Game

    One runner's safe, one runner's out,
    Or so the ump has beckoned.
    The one who's safe touched second first,
    The one who's out, first second.... more »

  • One Small Son

    One small hand to hold in yours,
    One small face to smile,
    One wet kiss as he says 'good-night'
    One small child.... more »

  • Parental Pride

    My day-old son is plenty scrawny,
    his mouth is wide with screams, or yawny;
    His ears seem larger than he's needing,
    His nose is flat, his chin's receding.... more »

  • Too Have And Too Old

    The bride, white of hair, is stooped over her cane
    Her faltering footsteps need guiding.
    While down the church aisle, with wan toothless smile,... more »