RW Richard Wlodarski Febuary 23,1952

Quotes (1570)

Physical pain is always less severe than mental anguish
My health.
Scrambled eggs can't be made into an omelette. But an omelette can be made into scrambled eggs. Both are food for the body and nourishment for the soul.
Sarah's poem inspired me to write it.
The crazier the world gets, the more sane the insane appear to be.
Voting in Donald Trump as president of the world's greatest power appears to be more insane than sane.

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As a great fan of his poetry I wish him a very pleasant Vibrant and radiant Literary future In the remaining days of his career!
His work entitled ‘mother’ Is a timeless piece of poetry I earnestly solicit My dear poet friends To thoroughly read it And feel the profound beauty in it.
Richard Wlodarski Is a wonderful poet Who pens splendidly In simple and lucid manner He is a distinguished member Of the family of Poem Hunter
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