Im a fiften year old kid whos seen more things as a younger child than any person shouldnt see in a lifetime things as murders drive bys and drug deals arent things that an 8 year old kid should be seeing but thats new york for ya

now im a wrestler football player boxer kickboxer mixed martial artist a baseball and basketball player that has bad knee problems

im a graphic designer nd make money by umpireing anything else im meat *9*7ACE* nd get more info on me there


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10 W's Nd 2 H's

what can one stop what he can not see
what can one act when he can not be
who can stop a running train
who can stand up a hurricane... more »

Words We Speak

killer or saviors are the words that we speak
does it give people strength or does it make people weak
do the words of a rabi change the words of a priest
or do they just make arguments that disturb peace... more »


can i stop no
do i dropp no
do i jus throw everything down nd jus give up no... more »

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Rebecca Hansen 02 Aug 2007 11:36
dudew write more! ! ! i want to addd some mucho commentos lol (dont ask aboutnthe random REALLY BAD spanish) i'm on a sugar high...dont mind me =]] tee hee LATA! !