• A Piece Of Heaven

    Seems like most days I'm always on the go
    Doing this or that, my engine always 'revvin
    But once in a while, I stop and take it slow
    Relaxing in my little piece of heaven.... more »

  • My Big Brother

    I love my brother; that's always been true
    From the time I was little to this very day
    But for a long time our close moments had been few
    More my fault than his, I'm sorry to say.... more »

  • Put God In Your Marriage

    The love of newlyweds is special and new
    Their future is bright and fresh as dew
    Full of promise and their hope is bright
    No problem too big that they can't fight.... more »

  • Words That Shape My Life

    There are many words that shape my life
    Positive and negative, the choice is mine
    Words that are hateful and cut like a knife
    Or words that express love and are kind.... more »