• Adieu

    There is an ache calling to the exit,
    cling to kiss as lights soften around this realisation
    where emotional borders are surpassed,
    anchoring hearts to the feeling.... more »

  • Artist Girl

    Snow running down your neck
    Addicted to the curse
    Getting what you least expect
    When wanting more first... more »

  • Artist Girl's Romance

    If love exists
    let it be
    lie in the east -
    Artist girl is still free... more »

  • Body Pollen

    Make your mark at these feet
    Show where we can stand
    Be close sharing body heat
    Place some trust in this hand... more »

  • Bringing On The Damage

    Nothing is as it was
    The world has split,
    Stars have parted
    Suns have melted... more »

  • Buried

    I dug all day, I dug all night
    pain moved out of me becoming my 'companion' -
    waiting to be acclimatised to new seasons,
    hard winter bowing to hopeful spring.... more »

  • Cancer

    Hate cancer
    Anger cancer
    Fear cancer
    Helpless cancer... more »

  • Clyde And Clyde

    Be my powder monkey
    let's go disco dancing
    bring me love bites and candy
    to spook me out of my solitary.... more »

  • Cog In The Machine

    What great power you hold
    attained, sustained with borrowed wit.
    A style unchanged and closed
    decisions made with empty passion.... more »

  • Compass

    With love, the road darts tree branch like
    sometimes to the sun, sometimes brittle-breaking
    lifting spirits boundless without measure
    or cutting flesh to bone, ripping you vulnerable-cold,... more »

  • Cora

    Another matriarch down, world shifting suddenly
    Her strength of character: steel, hair flaming bright
    the length of evergreens, wild desire untamed.
    She, the last of her kind departed.... more »

  • Corner Of Heart

    What is learnt?
    In broken pieces, bodies burnt?
    Yielding to sorrow,
    for a life until tomorrow!... more »

  • Course

    You seem ready to get back on the horse
    prepared whatever the course,
    however your bodies been supported -
    not too many causalities, have been reported.... more »

  • Course Part 2

    Standing tall with irresistible force
    come what may, you must stay the course.
    It will be your greatest vision
    as you embark on your hardest mission,... more »

  • Death By Disco

    Vodka curls around ice -
    accessorise, then apply scent
    a line lights the way for
    champagne caressing wine kissing vodka.... more »

  • Dust Settles

    Today was sunlight dripping across sharp edges,
    realities dueling with fantasies
    alienated, subjugated till alone,
    wondering where art thou romance?... more »

  • Encounter

    As still as we can be
    With no sense of space between us
    As we fill the place within us.
    Then there is no need for words,... more »

  • Explorer

    Burnt but not consumed by fire
    Pluck pain from inside
    How we dance upon the high wire
    Cueing for the bumpiest of rides... more »

  • Forbidden

    You've watched, you've waited;
    now you're behind me in this car park
    no witnesses, no crime fuels your justification -
    uncontrolled tension made real.... more »

  • Funeral Song

    Scared blind
    till shaken senses prod
    within, without-
    gliding across fleshy contours... more »

  • Global Honey

    From Paris to Berlin
    I radiate from within
    A feeling becoming polarized
    A body sensually hypnotized.... more »

  • Gotta Live

    Social injustice
    In governments we’ve trusted
    We employed them the start
    Now we justify it in our hearts... more »

  • How The Blind See

    There is barbarism in denial
    a fickle, ungrateful master is fate
    as you limbo from problem to problem
    fearing feeling the pain and hurt.... more »

  • Human Lights

    You are not held to this earth by your feet,
    your hands don't carry your reach
    your beauty is not shell facing -
    for it ends, it passes to earth... more »

  • Human Nature

    I let you break my heart slowly
    The smell of you lingered upon my bed
    I realised you didn’t know me
    You saw what you wanted instead.... more »