• A Day At The Countryside

    I sit silenced
    on a long, green, grassy field,
    staring at the countryside`s beautiful scenery,
    taking in the sound... more »

  • A Dear John

    Reading a Dear John with blurry, red eyes,
    letters swimming, with shock 'n' surprise,
    pains in my head right down to my toes,
    shaking in my now sweating, wet clothes.... more »

  • A Thumping Headache

    A thumping headache
    always beating
    and a banging,
    crashing, sharp pains,... more »

  • Alone In The Dark.

    All alone in the pitch, black, frightening dark,
    hearing fade, quiet whispers, back starts to ark,
    walking quicker and faster, heart starts pumping,
    with the knees and arms fail to stop thumping.... more »

  • Downer Of The Day.

    Its a downer of a day
    all miserable, angry
    no other way,
    weathers so dreary,... more »

  • Dreaming Time

    I always wonder why time
    races to the tape.
    My emotions look for
    a way of escape.... more »

  • Facing Your Fears

    When facing your horrible, nervous, tense fears,
    clench the emotion, don`t grab those dreadfull tears.
    Take a deep breath, stand straight, stay strong,
    keep your head up, don`t encounter the wrong.... more »

  • Going Away From Home.

    I will soon be sadly departing away from home
    to see many places, faces, Paris maybe even Rome
    the age of sweet 16... I`ll be tearfully all alone
    marching to the Royal Navy...nervously on my own... more »

  • How Come The Good Times Never Ever Last?

    How come the good times never last?
    When your having an bomb, having a blast
    bad times go slow, good times go fast,
    future comes next, remembering the past.... more »

  • I Remember Primary School, Do You?

    I still remember primary school all those brilliant games,
    kiss chase, bulldog...I remember the names,
    and when we wasn`t aloud out in the soggy, wet rain,
    us 20 mad, moaning kids were quick to complain.... more »

  • It`s The Time Of Year.

    It`s the time of year
    when all of the lovers hit top gear,
    it`s a valentines cheer,
    but for the singles... more »

  • Jealousy Leads To Attacking.

    The poetry I know is not made for attacking
    people jealous of others 'cause there truly slacking
    the content infront just keeps on lacking
    to much jealousy will send you packing... more »

  • Life Without Money

    Life without the joyfulness of money,
    would be somewhat, far removed from funny.
    All miserable, crazy, feeling down,
    nothing less than a moody frown.... more »

  • My Life, Imaged In A Mirror.

    Looking into the daunting glass,
    of a reflecting mirror,
    my life flashed
    in speedy images,... more »

  • The Expectation`s Of The First Date.

    I`m waiting for the date to arrive at mine
    smartly dressed, teeth that shine
    expectation`s are truely high,
    loads of wine the date should fly... more »

  • Typical English Summers Day.

    We English-look forward to our summer
    with thoughts of brown sun tanning our skin
    just lay back relax & burn & grin
    with a light refreshment in one hand... more »

  • What Will Happen When We Move Forward In Time?

    I wonder what will happen
    When we move forward in time?
    Will tomorows poetry still contain
    Free verse and ryhme? ,... more »

  • What Will The Year Of 2008 Bring? .

    What will the year of 2008 bring
    a shining, gold crown on a new king
    a gangster with new fresh, stylish bling
    a baby robin ready to hum, tweet, sing... more »

  • When I Saw Her.

    A boiling, hot summers day was when I saw her
    she had lovely, straight, blonde hair
    i couldn`t help but gaze a stare
    her beautiful blue eyes lit up brightly in the sun... more »

  • Why Relate To Drink And Drugs?

    Why do people relate to drink 'n' drugs
    becoming criminals 'n' street cred thugs? ,
    why not just get a standard education...... more »