• For You

    I will always love you
    I will always miss you
    I will Always care for you
    I will always need you... more »

  • Happiness Of You Tears Of Me

    Tears that comes out my eyes
    Are for your happiness
    Seeing you happy is what
    Lights up my world.... more »

  • Happy Days In Heart

    Remembering Happy Days
    Days That will hold Special
    Place in my heart And world.
    Days that when i think about... more »

  • Lack Of Mothers Love

    Not everyone understands,
    Mother is not in everyones destiny.
    Not everyone is lucky enough.
    Mothers give support and love.... more »

  • My Tears And Loneliness

    Stepping into my room every night
    Being the silent one of dark
    I realize how lonely and sad I always am
    I cry about it wondering... more »