• Distance

    When we are so far apart
    I get flashes of your smiling face
    Now there's a gaping hole in my heart
    A hole only you can replace... more »

  • Eternal Grief...

    You have seized my heart with your words.
    You have ripped my soul from the core
    You have taken my peace and my sanity.
    Can't I keep anything of mine anymore?... more »

  • Grim Reaper

    I wake up by the boom of a bomb
    I have a shower in water stained with blood
    I struggle to keep my clothes all clean
    but they are soon dirty in the dust and mud.... more »

  • Red-White Pain

    Shining like a pearl drop,
    It trickled down her cheek
    Glistening, it rolled of her chin
    As the truth began to seep.... more »