• About The Good Times.

    Verse 1. I Was sittin on my porch just wasting time thinking about all the good times we use to have how

    we use to sit under the sky watching the clouds change and the birds flying over us how we use to ride... more »

  • Come Back To Me.

    I don’t know what I’m doing here
    All I want to do
    Is go back there with you?... more »

  • I Despise You

    Hey, get away from me I never want to see you

    You ruined my life to much already I can’t believe you... more »

  • One More

    I was walking on an old black top road
    When I heard your granddad and I said Oh No... more »

  • Scream

    Do you ever feel like breaking down?
    Do you ever feel out of place?... more »