RS Rini Shibu 1978

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Friendship is like magnetic poles where unlike souls attract and like souls repels.

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Rini is a very talented poet. A keen observer of nature and the flora and fauna. Brevity is the hallmark of her poetry. Very often I have noticed her posting poems in middle of night. Such is her love for poetry. She has a strong vocabulary that ensures a free, easy and unstringed flow of words from her pen. Vast reading makes her poems quite colourful. Her poems speak a lot to the reader, much more than the words of the poem do.
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Rini Jerry Rarest of rare poetess she is of today, Intelligent she is, definitely all agree, Never she looks back, ever proceeds ahead, Imagination she beholds is beyond galaxy. Joyous mood she has within, she ever smiles, Effectively she writes poems of varieties, Rolling on time she reflects love and care, Ruling over words she composes nice poems, Yellow flowers bloom when she walks in joy. © Kumarmani Mahakul,12 September 2018. All rights reserved.
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