• Are You Ever Saying Sorry?

    No mater how hard you try
    You can't push him away
    No matter how hard you try
    You can't forget about him... more »

  • Bursting Out

    You wanna get out of there
    You can't take it anymore
    The blood, The tears
    Your hands are all bruised... more »

  • Did You Love Me?

    When i squeeze your warm hands
    my heart warms up
    and i’ve got to blush
    cause the smile you’re smiling is... more »

  • For How Much Longer?

    I don't want it to be like this anymore
    I want to tell you how I feel,
    How I've been feeling all this time that
    we were together and laughed together... more »

  • Goal

    The world can't beat me now
    'cause the smiles i smile,
    The words I speak
    Are strong enough to make a flower bloom... more »

  • Left Alone

    Why is it that I'm so close to the fire but
    I don't feel anything at all?
    Why is it that from that day,
    all I feel is sadness?... more »

  • On The Way To 'Forever'

    We head for things that don't change
    people are weak
    that day that my feelings got hurt
    I couldnt fake my strength... more »

  • This Love

    Those tears that I try to cry but can't
    I guess I forgot about you atlast
    This goal I thought was impossible
    But I guess Life doesn't go the way you think... more »

  • Why Do We Say It?

    I'm not feeling 'sorry' at all
    So I don't let those words flow out of my mouth
    Is that a bad thing? Is it not fare?
    Is that why I'm hated so much?... more »