Riquetta Elliott Comments (2)

Lil Sis this poem is very interesting and sweet. You are the greatest poet ever! ! !
You asked on your comment about my poem 'A Poem I Could Not See', 'what are you trying to say in this message? '...Explanation: .I read a poem that was dedicated to me by a poet on poemhunter...the poem made no sense and I did not know if the writer was being kind or critical... (my poem referred to his words being 'up and down' and confusing) Turns out he was being kind but I had already written this poem to express my feelings about the writer's 'dedicated' poem to me. I ended up just posting it as one of my poems. Thank you for asking! Yes, I read 2 of your poems, others soon! Thank you for your comments and being truthful! Keep writing, Jeannie