Risha Ahmed (12 yrs) 21/8/1998

Yo, my name is Risha Ahmed (you probably know that) , and I’m in the the 8th grade (I bet everybody knows that too) . I write poems (oh heck! Who am I kidding? There can’t possibly be anybody who doesn’t know that) . You all have read my prize winning poems and know about all the stuff I won, blah, blah, blah! ! ! So there’s no point going over that again. All I will manage to do is put an insomniac to sleep. So what on earth am I supposed to write in this big blank space staring at me like an idiot? You might expect me to be a perfect angelic girl churning out poems at the touch of a button. Keep dreaming because that is sooo not gonna happen. If any of you know me personally, the word “good” won’t cross your mind. I’m not saying I’m an axe murderer or anything, but I just love being craaaaazyyy! ! ! Yah, so let’s talk about poetry. Hmmm….if u had asked me anything about poetry 7 years ago, I would have sung “Baa Baa black sheep” or “Old McDonald” for you. And the only reason I write poetry is because I’m always in the middle of something important when some dumb lines dance in front of me. I don’t know what is going on at first so I just hit myself on my head with whatever is in my hand (of course it hurts! ! is that a trick question or are you naturally dumb? ?) . And if I don’t write down these senseless lines, they give me a guilty conscience. And a weirdo bulb lights up in my head. Dumb right? No kidding! So now you know I don’t write poems because I’m inspired or anything. I just scribble them down so I can atleast get a good nights sleep. And my other hobbies are: - tripping over legs in school, cracking my head open during games period, piercing a hole in my body because of those stupid rusty nails poking out of the walls etc. Voila! I have finished writing this biography at last! FREEDOM! ! ! Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to give my rumbling stomach some food. Bye!



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a lovely tree poem! ! I am putting it in my little handmade one-off book on trees! my book has photos of trees that I took all over the world on my travels. fmpmc @yahoo.com
Very nice but very small
Wow what are poems