• Beauty Waits For None

    It was a beautiful morning,
    of a very fine day,
    but I couldn't hear a thing,
    of what my friends would say!... more »

  • Happy New Year

    Forget the days that passed by,
    for off has went December.
    Let's feast and rejoice,
    we've had an year to remember.... more »

  • If I'D Be Richest On Earth

    I was asked what would you do
    if you'll be richest man on earth
    and I thought I won't do a thing
    just rest in luxury and mirth.... more »

  • Life Seemed To Be So Good...

    Life seemed to be so good
    when we were small,
    when someone was always there
    every time we would fall.... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    I saw towards the horizon
    evening's amber sun shone,
    and in a corner of the garden
    I saw a girl sitting alone.... more »

  • Merry Christmas! ! !

    A prayer came in my heart
    for goodwill to all men.
    Thought of a chime provoked me
    to begin writing from my pen.... more »

  • My Love

    There is a charm pulling me,
    I'm sure but I can't tell,
    Is it my burning desire
    or is it your beauty's spell?... more »

  • One Day When You Fly

    What if one fine day,
    you know you can fly?
    I'll watch you from my terrace,
    I'll see you passing by.... more »

  • Something

    Perhaps time will move on,
    She'll be a memory someday.
    I've hated trying to forget her,
    and she has tried moving away.... more »