• A Winter Time

    The sun gave off its ray,
    The winds breezed my heart.
    Singing on a winter's day
    The cuckoo held me till last.... more »

  • Anger

    You made me disabled
    From a soldier so abled
    You shed my tears
    Which did not even in fears.... more »

  • Evil World

    The plastics burnt as if they were the king of fire,
    For no one knows what to throw and what to hire.
    Sun shined behind the trees,
    without the former, the latter would freeze.... more »

  • Failure

    The pit in my lonely way
    A guide on a virtual day.
    The outcome of a mistake
    The beginner of life after a break.... more »

  • Flower In The Lap Of Thorns

    I want a flower born
    Blooming inside the lap of thorns.
    Without the fear of the winter wind,
    I walked on the ice berg in search of that kind.... more »

  • Heart Of Stones

    No care, no love, no deed for others
    Neither for god, nor for others.
    Selfish living
    Cruel thinking... more »

  • I Want A World

    I want a world, Where I
    Will not say that this thing is mine.
    Where no one has a broken dream
    And should enjoy a life of peace, not lean.... more »

  • Life Is A Road

    Walk through it with beams of load
    With ups and downs
    And turns and bounds... more »

  • Mirror Is Magic

    Mirror is of course,
    The strange thing of all.
    Here the straight rays fall
    And then bounce back like a ball.... more »

  • Mother

    When I am happy, its for all.
    But when I'm sad, only your tears fall.
    Like my shadow you walk beside me.
    Just as the roots that hold up the tree.... more »

  • Motherland

    India is a land
    which has sacred sand.
    Here the people hate the bland.
    Want to explore the grand.... more »

  • Peace

    Where can I find the peace?
    In the forests or the seas.
    In the forests which is full of trees
    Or the seas where fishes are saying Please!... more »

  • Quotations

    1.Do great but do not believe yourself great.
    The greatness of your work will be decreased.

    2.Money is a piece of paper... more »

  • चमन के बागवाँ तुझे सलाम

    पत्थरों को फूल बनाकर।
    पत्तों के गहनों से सजाकर।।
    श्रम का तूने बीज बोया।
    ना प्रेम, ना भक्ति को खोया।।... more »