• I Dream

    I dream of you
    yet I know that you are gone
    that your spirit is no
    longer mine to behold... more »

  • Simple Expressions

    There are moments and places been
    where simple expressions cannot erase
    those tender lapses in life's tale
    where one can rarely regale.... more »

  • Somewhere, Someplace, Planet Earth

    From the red mountains, blue skies, and benthic valley's below
    I searched for what to plan, nurture, and sow... more »

  • Today

    Today has brought with it
    the promise that the hurt
    will fade, the dreams will
    subside, and the heartache... more »

  • Voices

    There I looked out and you saw me
    a waif in search of a home
    you gathered me up in your arms
    and carried me to safety... more »

  • You Came

    and found me in the midst of despair.

    You came... more »