Writer and Poet based in the United Kingdom

a. North American Poetry Competition 1997. Second Prize.

b. National Poetry Library Contest 1998. Runner up.

c. Faber and Faber National Poetry Day Contest 1999. Second Prize

d. Faber and Faber National Poetry Day Contest - Sutton Coldfield 2000. First Prize.

e. Jazzclaw Poetry Competition 2002 Fourth place.


Rita Pal Poems

Take Me Away

Take me away with you to the sunset's fire.
Take me away with you to dreamers desire
Take me away with you until the stars are a pyre.
Take me away with you to our soul's island... more »

Only The Beautiful.

Only the beautiful are thrown in love.
Only the beautiful bask in affection
Only the beautiful smiles are noted
Only the beautiful tears are caught... more »

A Bride In A Shroud

The blood of the innocent
Pave the steps to heaven
A price was paid, a bounty sealed
A statistic concealed, a soul erased... more »

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Comments about Rita Pal

robin matthews 07 May 2018 05:05
shoddy work, has to be work of a struggling poet
jamie welkins 07 May 2018 05:04
crass work sorry but had to say it
gopi sarkar 07 May 2018 05:02
Amateurish poetry by an writer Seems this was done in your spare time or just to make a quick buck