• A Bed Of Clouds

    </>Looking at the immensity of space
    Endless perpetual above the clouds
    Your creation Lord
    Never fails to make me awed by its beauty... more »

  • A Gift Of Life

    Everytime I see you
    I thank God for his marvelous gift
    A gift of Life... more »

  • A Lesson From Sarah

    Courage amidst pain
    Hoping for darkness to leave forever
    Waiting for light to come
    And free my soul... more »

  • A Quiet Confidence

    out of darkness
    you called me
    you set free
    my crippled heart... more »

  • A Ray Of Hope

    A ray of hope
    Is all we need
    A glimpse of sunshine
    Is enough... more »

  • A Roadway In The Desert

    Like a roadway in the desert
    God will make a way
    I have longed for such day to come
    I pray each moment... more »

  • Bells

    I hear
    bells ringing
    such a sweet sound... more »

  • Better Days Are Coming

    we are common clay pots
    only the power of God
    can change us
    can heal... more »

  • Blue Rose

    wish i could lay my eyes on the blue rose
    aches to touch it, caress the petals
    feel its texture on my skin
    smell its fragrance and have it stored in my memory... more »

  • Chasing Dreams

    when I was a child
    I used to chase dreams
    dreams so hard to get
    I thought life rest... more »

  • Dawn

    coming... more »

  • Fabrics Of Life

    Life is full of many colors, shades and hues
    Sometimes we find colors we don't like
    and sometimes we come to discover
    that all colors were really a part of God's plan for us... more »

  • Faith

    I never knew that such a simple word can be so scary

    Faith...... more »

  • Heart Of My Song

    Lord JESUS
    You are the heart
    of my song
    every joyful note... more »

  • I Live In Silence Awaiting

    Words have left me for awhile
    My heart became mute
    My thoughts was never uttered
    Pain of waiting has numbed my bones... more »

  • In God's Perfect Time

    So many dreams I had
    Hopes on things impossible for me
    But possible to God
    Faith... more »

  • Lessons From A Broken Jeep

    through our life
    we pass
    a jagged road... more »

  • Let My Heart Melt

    I thirst for peace
    My heart is troubled
    Soul is in a whirlpool
    I stretch my hand so hard... more »

  • Listen

    Listen to people talk
    Listen with your heart and soul
    Listen in your mind
    with memories... more »

  • Miracle Does...

    Miracle Does Happen

    I didn’t realize... more »

  • Moments

    are remembered
    treasured... more »

  • Only Eyes Can Tell

    When I was young
    I thought its an end
    when you lose somebody
    but i realized... more »

  • Our Secret

    I see the birds fly
    and hear them sing
    I see the flowers bloom
    and the dancing grass... more »

  • Partners

    Having you at my side gives me comfort
    Makes me secure that no money can buy
    I rest in peace when I see you
    Tiredness goes away everytime I hold your hand... more »

  • Realization

    When I was a child
    I used to gaze at the shining stars
    I silently wished that someday
    I would be like them... more »