• Let Me Love You Under The Sky

    Let me love you under the sky
    wherethe horizon is
    Where sunsets in sea
    waves sing a love song... more »

  • Let The Time Freeze Forever

    Let the time freeze forever
    when I and you are together
    when we count minutes on fingers
    when we want it should never pass in years... more »

  • Lost Love

    The beautiful night the beautiful weather
    the love we shared is withered
    there is a silence in the night
    like the hollowness gripping me tight... more »

  • Love And Pain

    Here comes the time
    the time of pain and distance
    the time that will take us away
    the time when there will be rain... more »

  • Love Doesn't Comes Easily

    Love doesn't come easily
    It starts to hurt when felt deeply
    Starting with a fight between love and lust
    It almost felt lost.... more »

  • Oh God Please Help Me

    Oh God i heard you take care of your children
    why i am spared from your care
    why i am spared from your love
    What wrong I have done... more »

  • Soulmates

    Love and distance comes handy
    Its not mere a Physical distance
    its not mere an emotional distance
    its a distance between souls... more »

  • What Is Love

    Love is beautiful love is life
    when it rings in heart you feel alive
    the days are beautiful full of life
    the nights are dreamy full of lights... more »