• Alone

    My life plays out before me
    It twists and turns
    The mystery that it brings is terrifying
    I've tried to leave it all behind... more »

  • Bitter

    I just want to be bitter for a bit
    Leave me in this Self-misery Pit
    I'm a rebel in disguise
    Hide your souls from my demise... more »

  • Creep

    I'm in this corner you can not see
    Imagine as you may
    I can not be swayed
    I'll watch you sleep... more »

  • Ditched

    Caught up in school life
    Church going stopped
    I called and called
    All ever hearing... more »

  • Emo Kid

    Trapped in a world of indicision
    Facing forward; Facing backwards
    Serious; then silly
    Delightful; then dreadful... more »

  • Get Out

    Awaken in the dark to the empty space you use to fill
    Your face pasted on my mind screwing with my soul
    I put down the blade
    I won't bleed because you won't even miss me... more »

  • Him

    Let's dance in a circle
    Fire in the middle
    While he plays his fiddle
    Don't look him in the eyes... more »

  • Horror Story

    Your footsteps memorized
    Your harsh voice remembered
    Your evil words tormenting every thought
    No safe place to go to get away... more »

  • I Loathe Cheaters

    I can't get through
    Handcuffed and screwed
    No other use
    Stopping to take my last breathe... more »

  • 'I Love You'

    When I see your face
    My world starts to spin
    When I hear your voice
    My heart starts pounding... more »

  • I'M Not Your Snow White

    My eyes are hidden underneath the dark
    I dig my black nails into your heart
    Does it hurt?
    Let's see you survive... more »

  • Life Keeps Going On

    Sitting in silence
    Starring at the dirt
    Wishing, wanting
    To fly away... more »

  • Life Of Secrets

    Struck with pain
    How many did she take
    She cries out in agony
    Praying to God to let her live... more »

  • Loves True Wish

    Your face was radiant
    Your voice was strong
    Your arms were safe
    Your eyes turquise in the winter... more »

  • My Hate Song

    A big joke to you
    A big barrel of laughs
    I can't make you see
    When you won't look... more »

  • Over The Games

    The pain of loosing you
    Won't leave my side
    My thoughts always coming back to you
    I see you in my head with her... more »

  • Snow White

    Lips Red As Blood
    Skin white as snow
    Hair black as death
    Call me snow white... more »

  • The Fall

    When the world was saying no
    We fought back with everything we had
    When our parents didn't agree
    We held on that much harder... more »

  • Tough

    Sometimes being tough is all a girls got
    Running, hiding, fighting, crying
    Goes out once you've hardened
    Emotion gone... more »

  • Untitled

    Life seems to go by
    It never has a reason why
    Leaving you broken and bruised
    Signs of inferiority... more »

  • Voyage To Nowhere

    Screaming inside
    All this time dying
    Inside lying
    Always hiding... more »

  • Wrong Mother And Father

    You see what they do
    You praise them for a job well done
    You know what their talents are
    You are able to recognize them... more »