Born in 1987 in small village BARI of UDHAM SINGH NAGAR district, UTTRAKHAND(INDIA) .
Did my early education from Nainital... and then went to Lucknow and Delhi for higher Education..
Started social work in 2002 in AMBER SAMAJSEWI SANSTHAN..
become the Member of this NGO in 2005, Secretory in 2009 and Chief Functionary in 2010 n still working for the social, Economical, Educational and mental development of rural India.
I had intrest in writing poems since ma childhood but I used to writ on piece of paper n den forget it..
I gave up writting in 2008 n since then i had not written anything, but again Ma Very Close Friend, MA soul Manisha Raghuvanshi inspired me to write, infact
she became the reason to write....

SO here I start....


Rizwan Malik BABA Poems

Last Fifteen Days

I was all social to days and I worked for nights,
Since a long I lived the life where I was never mine.
I lived for others, I learned for others,
I prayed for others and yet nothing was mine... more »

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