• A Breath Held To Long

    It feels like im holding an angel
    When I hold you, warm in my arms
    But I'll never be able to feel the sensation
    Of having more then we are.... more »

  • Bring Yourself

    You are a murder suspect
    I am the dead body
    You ripped out my heart
    For everyone to see... more »

  • Desperate

    She tries not to cry so she swallows the tears down her pretty little throat
    Pain in her eyes
    As she reads that sad letter she wrote
    She says..... more »

  • My Isabella

    Why hello there, my Isabella, you’re wonderful to me
    Hello there, my beauty Bella, what can I do to make you see.

    I’m in aw from the thought of you... more »

  • Oh How Angels Fall

    Have you ever met someone that is so amazing that when you look at them up and down, from all around, at every angle
    And no matter how much you look at them, you see an angel
    They become more then a person, but a feeling
    One that with this poem could be to revealing... more »

  • Our Secret

    And I will whisper it
    Sing it softly in your ear
    It will be our secret
    Only you can hear... more »

  • The Night Life

    I once fell in love with a man
    that made my spine tingle with the touch of his hand
    I saw a pail complection
    even though he cast no reflection.... more »