• Crafting Heart And Soul

    From that deep and swirling wellspring of my soul
    My mind pumps the handle and draws forth
    The liquid, wet emotions from the deepest me
    Drawing them upwards into written pitcher... more »

  • Fate's Pinata

    Once festive, colorful, and bright
    Filled with joy, happiness and love
    Till heartbreak stripped away all light
    Now hung sadly by the rope of life... more »

  • In That Instant

    Whilst the kiss is sublime, the most exquisite joy comes
    In that instant, just before my lips meet hers
    When but the thinnest veil of air separates
    And hot breath can be felt, tasted, savored... more »

  • Last Waltz In The Great Hall

    Alone in agony, alone in a crowded room, alone always
    Pain, despair and torment are constant companions
    The dark dankness surrounds me, permeates my soul
    Blackness, a cold ichor seeping from scars on my heart... more »