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'The Loon's Cry' From far out in the center of the naked lake The loon's cry rose. It was the cry of someone who owned very little. [Robert Bly - from 'Silence in the Snowy Fields']
from 'Silence in the Snowy Fields': Winter Privacy Poems II My shack has two rooms; I use one. Te lamplight falls on my chair and table, And I fly into one of my own poems - I can't tell you where - As if I appeared where I am now, In a wet field, snow falling. IV On Meditation There is a solitude like black mud! Sitting in this darkness singing, I can't tell if this joy Is from the body, or the soul, or a third place! V Listening to Bach Inside this music there is someone Who is not well described by the names Of Jesus, or Jehovah, or the Lord of Hosts! (Robert Bly)
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