• A Song For The Guitar

    I am not the potter
    but I sure as hell
    am the potters clay
    other words never uttered... more »

  • Ain’t Nothing

    my friend
    who I enjoy spending time
    and talking to... more »

  • Anniversary

    everyone showed up
    that wanted to
    and there were girls
    at some times... more »

  • Babies

    I’m seeing him there
    not mine
    so small
    sitting in his chair on his... more »

  • Back Pain

    I have always had problems
    with my back
    since I was a teenager
    when I was released from... more »

  • Bad Things

    People in my city
    some I have known
    pop their pimples onto
    glass shards... more »

  • Big Bag

    of weed
    if officer law walks through
    this door
    It will be hard to explain... more »

  • Book Buying

    went on a spree
    book prices aren’t what they
    used to be.
    grandma and... more »

  • Come On

    how long is this going to take
    limbo period
    conversation forced
    if you are with others... more »

  • Current Affair

    great back flakes are
    falling all over the place
    for Easter island
    charities... more »

  • Damn Things

    Sometimes it will just
    flash once
    and the screen will say
    new voice message... more »

  • Dangerous Goods

    One pound of magic mushrooms
    nine hundred dollars
    wrapped in a ziplock... more »

  • Derek

    we needed some glass
    but I never seemed
    to pick up enough
    to last.... more »

  • Doin' Good

    Hey I say
    I see his name on the call display
    I know its him
    he’s laughing at... more »

  • Flying Around The Room

    so this cat
    French Dan he’s called
    cuz he’s French Canadian
    is a ninja... more »

  • Get Up

    there is things to do
    a paper to read
    delivered right to the outside
    of your door... more »

  • Gonna Write A Letter

    to the business oilfield man
    who I made sure
    by paying
    this other... more »

  • Gritty Real Life

    drug and alcohol
    are not things I advocate,
    however... more »

  • Gutless

    running how you will pose the
    so you don’t screw it up
    not suave... more »

  • How Much

    He had come in the first night
    we had opened
    and even then
    two and a half years ago... more »

  • Money Mug

    back in the restaurant
    my favorite one that is
    run by three sisters that
    all came from the same... more »

  • Morning Action

    colder its getting quicker.
    in the city I live in
    the winters are brutally
    cold.... more »

  • No Issues

    I would write about politics
    and current affairs
    and then read what I had
    written on the radio... more »

  • Nostalgia

    at a a time
    it seemed
    through the microfiche
    of literature... more »

  • Oldmanpain

    poking plate feeling in
    my chest from
    my ribs feels as if... more »