• Flight Of The Duchess, The


    You're my friend:
    I was the man the Duke spoke to;... more »

  • From ‘paracelsus’


    TRUTH is within ourselves; it takes no rise
    From outward things, whate’er you may believe.... more »

  • From 'Pauline'

    O God, where does this tend—these struggling aims?
    What would I have? What is this ‘sleep’, which seems
    To bound all? can there be a ‘waking’ point
    Of crowning life? The soul would never rule—... more »

  • Garden Francies

    Here's the garden she walked across,
    Arm in my arm, such a short while since:
    Hark, now I push its wicket, the moss
    Hinders the hinges and makes them wince!... more »

  • Glove, The

    (PETER RONSARD _loquitur_.)

    ``Heigho!'' yawned one day King Francis,
    ``Distance all value enhances!... more »

  • Guardian-Angel, The


    ... more »

  • Heap Cassia, Sandal-Buds And Stripes

    Heap Cassia, sandal-buds and stripes
    Of labdanum, and aloe-balls,
    Smeared with dull nard an Indian wipes
    From out her hair: such balsam falls... more »

  • Heretic's Tragedy, The



  • Herve Riel

    On the sea and at the Hogue, sixteen hundred ninety two,
    Did the English fight the French,--woe to France!... more »

  • Holy-Cross Day

    Fee, faw, fum! bubble and squeak!
    Blessedest Thursday's the fat of the week.
    Rumble and tumble, sleek and rough,
    Stinking and savoury, simug and gruff,
    Take the church-road, for the bell's due chime
    Gives us the summons---'tis sermon-time!... more »

  • Home Thoughts, From Abroad

    Oh, to be in England
    Now that April's there,
    And whoever wakes in England
    Sees, some morning, unaware,... more »

  • Home Thoughts, From The Sea

    Nobly, nobly Cape Saint Vincent to the North-west died away;
    Sunset ran, one glorious blood-red, reeking into Cadiz Bay;
    Bluish 'mid the burning water, full in face Trafalgar lay;
    In the dimmest North-east distance dawned Gibraltar grand and grey;... more »

  • How It Strikes a Contemporary

    YOU saw go up and down Valladolid,
    A man of mark, to know next time you saw.
    His very serviceable suit of black ... more »

  • How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix

    I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he;
    I galloped, Dirck galloped, we galloped all three;
    ``Good speed!'' cried the watch, as the gate-bolts undrew;
    ``Speed!'' echoed the wall to us galloping through;... more »

  • In A Gondola

    I send my heart up to thee, all my heart
    In this my singing.
    For the stars help me, and the sea bears part;
    The very night is clinging... more »

  • In A Year

    Never any more,
    While I live,
    Need I hope to see his face
    As before.... more »

  • In Three Days

    So, I shall see her in three days
    And just one night, but nights are short,
    Then two long hours, and that is morn.
    See how I come, unchanged, unworn!... more »

  • Incident Of The French Camp

    You know, we French stormed Ratisbon:
    A mile or so away,
    On a little mound, Napoleon
    Stood on our storming-day;... more »

  • Instans Tyrannus

    Of the million or two, more or less,
    I rule and possess,
    One man, for some cause undefined,
    Was least to my mind.... more »

  • Introduction: Pippa Passes

    A large mean airy chamber. A girl, Pippa, from the Silk-mills, springing out of bed... more »

  • Italian In England, The

    That second time they hunted me
    From hill to plain, from shore to sea,
    And Austria, hounding far and wide
    Her blood-hounds thro' the country-side,... more »

  • Laboratory, The


    ... more »

  • Last Ride Together, The


    I said---Then, dearest, since 'tis so,
    Since now at length my fate I know,... more »

  • Life In A Bottle

    Escape me?
    While I am I, and you are you,... more »

  • Life In A Love

    Escape me?
    While I am I, and you are you,... more »