Robert Burgan is a Spoken Word Poet, Hip Hop artist and Singer-Songwriter from Des Plaines, Illinois. His main themes are life and death, coming of age, spirituality, transformation, and self help. He began writing poetry at a young age and has been doing it ever since. He has 9 albums recorded, has written hundreds of poems and frequently performs at The Green Mill in Chicago. Robert's main goal is to express his personal hardships and spiritual growth through his words.


Robert Burgan Poems


Shook hands with a ghost then we broke bread
Realize we relate ‘cause we're both dead
I have to hand it to you
You consumed me... more »

Sweet Little Layla

I sat with little Layla when her bones were getting weak
Cancer in her body spreading like rumors on city streets
I got to know her personality it was my job to keep her calm
She kissed me on the forehead as I held her trembling paw... more »

A Cold July

I sang so many songs in front of an audience of flaws
I broke so many skulls without laying a finger on their bones
I didn't apologize for breaking apart our family ties
I lay awake I'm out of time... more »

Robert Burgan Quotes

Hang no label around your neck don't let anybody dangle halos over your head, become exempt, you're not weird you're a more unique version of your friends.
Taken from the poem 'Get A Move On! '
I no longer feel like I'm a part of this world I'm a universe endlessly exerting energy.
In honor of my new album 'Transcendence' coming soon
It's not about retaining some sort of magic, its not even about maintaining time periods anymore. Both of those things are impossible. But what is possible is to move forward in a natural way, enjoy the time you have with people you thoroughly enjoy and just take every series of moment for what they are, simply moments. That is the only way I know how to survive, to take all the beauty I've gotten to see and make some sort of sense out of it. Since I was a kid all I've hung hope around are bonds and revelations and it continues to be that way. To serve some type of grand purpose or make an impact is a huge thing and no matter how small somebody feels I truly believe they don't realize how huge they can be in the grand scheme of one life or one time period, one section of a chapter book that is being written moment by moment and decision by decision. I've made some bad ones, its almost like I'm programmed to make them but that doesn't mean the next one has to be the wrong one. Unfortunately, time periods pass, magic dissipates and all we are left with are memories. Well, as I sort through those memories I know that there is a bigger picture that I DON'T PAINT. I don't draw the angles on the scratch paper, I don't crunch the numbers to find the code and I certainly don't define the final product. But what I can do is draw within the lines and be a detail in the final production. Maybe that's the entire point or maybe we are all hopeless. Either way.
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