Robert Burns Comments (24)

My father-in-law used to recite a poem every thanksgiving about we have food and we have drink and so the Lord we thanketh. Does anyone know if that is Robert Burns?
A short poem re: God and reversing the letters to dog and how dog worships his master puts man to shame.
Apoem containing the words Birchwood on a dark night
Hey, Is there any Robert burns poems on swimming?
this is Robert Burnses ghost
disliking yir poems mate catch yi
horrble i hate poets poems are rubbish
i had so much fun doing to a mouse in my Scottish assembly at school. Robert burns is so inspirational
Happy Birthday My Lovely Poet
He is my great great great great great great great grandad
i go to practise my poem
Hey guys yeeeeybyeshksgusmvmshgs
Very traditional for my country
i hate poems i'm here for a English project ya'll nerds
i hate poems i'm here for a English project ya'll r nerds
I love these poems
these poems r gr9 well done robert x
The audio for To a Mouse is atrocious. Wi' should be pronounced wi (as in with excluding the th sound) not W I; the same for na which stands for not, instead of N A. I can't believe you let this be published. I expected a true Scottish rendition, not someone's feeble attempt. Also, the reader knows absolutely nothing about reading poetry.
Scotch is actually the Scottish word for Scots, but the language itself actually differs depending on which area you're in, I think Burns spoke Doric.
Stephen he may well have been drinking Scotch but as Jennifer says the language is Scots or Auld Scots and it was not so much the language which was suppressed but the culture of the people, the music and the dress but to give two examples. Robert Burns was a remarkable man, his breath may have stopped but his voice is still heard.