Robert Burns Comments (29)

My grandfather Kennedy used to play around Robbie Burns' cottage.
My father sang red red rose to my mother on their wedding day in 1963 and I read it to my wife on our wedding day at Edinburgh castle in 1998
' A red, red rose' is my favorite Burns poem. So romantic!
About wonder things like roses
Sounds like a versión of the Selkirk Grace
My father-in-law used to recite a poem every thanksgiving about we have food and we have drink and so the Lord we thanketh. Does anyone know if that is Robert Burns?
A short poem re: God and reversing the letters to dog and how dog worships his master puts man to shame.
Apoem containing the words Birchwood on a dark night
Hey, Is there any Robert burns poems on swimming?
this is Robert Burnses ghost
disliking yir poems mate catch yi
horrble i hate poets poems are rubbish
i had so much fun doing to a mouse in my Scottish assembly at school. Robert burns is so inspirational
Happy Birthday My Lovely Poet
He is my great great great great great great great grandad
i go to practise my poem
Hey guys yeeeeybyeshksgusmvmshgs
Very traditional for my country
i hate poems i'm here for a English project ya'll nerds
i hate poems i'm here for a English project ya'll r nerds