• *more Gnu Ones

    After a grueling but fulfilling spring I'm back trying to smith a few words.

    Should I send out messages to all of you with the new titles saying Read ME, Read ME, Read ME NOW Nah! If you read them fine, if not 'live long and prosper' anyway.... more »

  • 13 Ways Of Looking At The Mountains

    <I>homage to Wallace Stevens<I/>

    I - My Focus pistoned up the rise
          and all at once, the Rockies -... more »

  • A Many Splintered Thing

    LOVE is:
       a dopamine trip
          Paris in the spring
             a really low tennis score.... more »

  • A Podium Credo

    I’d never mark my stamp on you
    even if I thought I could
    and with lessons drawn
    from father’s “tool and die, ”... more »

  • A Salmon Returns

    Well, I’m home again at last -
    back from the salted sea
    and after all that heavy finning,
    I’m hot for a special date... more »

  • A Time For Flying

    Flight came so easily
    when I was a boy of seven.

    I'd hover over sidewalks, cars and lawns... more »

  • Affirmation

    A stranger ventured
    across the universal chasm
    setting lips and tongue
    to calculated motion.... more »

  • After Rain

    The sun inches skyward
    in the quiet after-rain
    of a gentle pre-dawn shower.... more »

  • Alone

    How could I ever understand
    what it is you choose
    to call existence
    and how could I ever... more »

  • Alpenglow

    Dusk descends across the west
    as our yellow dwarf star
    surrenders its daily reign -
    washing the horizon... more »

  • Anatomy Of Arrogance

    A shivering ball of fear
    wrapped in a crust of pride
    too thick for sharpest arrows
    huddles alone but well protected.... more »

  • As Plain As The Nose

    A nose is such a ruddy hoot -
    sloping south between the eyes
    with tubes flared out
    like a hungry Hoover... more »

  • Aufersteh'N

    In memoriam, professor Earl Henry

    Through shuttered eyes, I see you still -
    dressed out in earthen tones... more »

  • August Breezes

    Golden prairie fields
    caressed by August breezes
    softly call your name.... more »

  • Autumn Finale

    Spare no lament for the maple leaves
    that, defying their impending fall,
    play blazing gold and scarlet concerts
    bright as Christmas brass in marble halls.... more »

  • Beware Bold Maverick Calf

    Have pity on the maverick calf
    who flees his mother's milk
    and shuns the circle of his herd -
    drifting on through sage and hills -... more »

  • Black Diamonds

    Farmers flocked to Blossburg's mines
        willing their abandoned plows
        to perpetual dust and rain.... more »

  • Canticle Of Hope

    The whole earth resounds
    With the exuberant songs
    of nature's majestic harmony.... more »

  • Captain Toro

    The power scythe roared and quivered;... more »

  • Carved Granite

    The Brick Church Road leads to Friedens
    where yesterday and today
    wooden carts and steel wagons,
    powered by equine legs or fiery pistons,... more »

  • Cathedrals Of Bling

    The Gods are money sound these days.
    and priests have marketing degrees -
    The faithful, called to worship
    by giant plasma screens,... more »

  • Christmas Future

    A toy locomotive
    fresh red paint
    on it’s wooden boiler
    waits on time for completion.... more »

  • Christmas Present

    A snow blower at maximum throttle
    has no cyclonic edge
    on a happy quintet of grandkids
    assaulting a stack of presents.... more »

  • Chrysalis

    I doubt the humble caterpillar
    has any premonition
    of the glory that awaits
    on her impending coronation day.... more »

  • Citizen Barack Obama

    As the Metrolink Eastbound
    hissed to a stop at Belleville Station,
    we carried our hopes
    across the threshold.... more »