• Civilian Soldiers Of The C.C.C.

    for the dedicated workers of Civilian Conservation Corps, Co.696.

    Near the southern coast of old Pangeia
    you’ll find a park called Giant City... more »

  • Cloudburst

    Delusions of immortality
    vanish in a heartbeat
    as earth’s colossal magnets
    clutch jagged fire ribbons -... more »

  • Combo

    In a combo, no one’s supposed
    to hog the lead on every tune.

    So let's all pitch in on the head,... more »

  • Contentment

    Once again our cat Zoe
    has sprawled his persona
    across the morning paper.
    Being a large and hirsute beast,... more »

  • Covered Bridges

    A bridge is a curious thing to cover.
        mile after mile of naked road -
            then a wooden box over stream or ravine.... more »

  • Death By Fire

    Seth awoke in a terror sweat
    engulfed by flames
    licking at his bed.
    His cries of final anguish... more »

  • Deluge

    Rain clouds hover in the night
    veiling the crystal moon -
    spraying steady showers
    on the hills and plains below.... more »

  • Dolphin Ballet

    A graceful water weaving dolphin
    swirls wakes of gentle waves -
    a white, silver blue phantom
    shimmering in the noonday sun.... more »

  • Eagles On The Mississippi

    Majestic eagles ride on thermals high
        above the river’s wooded shore:
    white hooded monarchs of the sky.... more »

  • Elements Of Antiquity

    1. Earth (Pangaea)

    Pangaea heaved and shifted
    beneath the fire-storm sky.... more »

  • Emergence

    Before first life -
    a sea of primal broth.

    Before the child... more »

  • En Passant

    The 64 squares on a chessboard
    match the tally of my years –
    some passed in red,
    others in black -... more »

  • Eternal Dust

    Cradling a handful of Illinois dust,
    dry residue of sycamore, deer
    and ancient Mississippians,
    I splay my fingers like an eagle's claw -... more »

  • Fellow Traveler

    Overjoyed to catch a glimpse of you
    across the crowded lobby,
    my footfalls quickened -
    eager to head you off... more »

  • Fragile Truce

    Just as a surplus of war begs for armistice,
    a season of peace seems to cause
    a hostility vacuum that pleads to be filled
    as surely as a hollow begs for a pond.... more »

  • Frodo And David

    Elijah went up to the mountain
    disguised as feisty Frodo
    and met young David there
    newly sprung from his... more »

  • Fugitive Visions

    Life is a Cafeteria

        Life is a cafeteria because
        there are too many dishes... more »

  • Galactic Blues

    The Milky Way was really quite enough
    to trim me down to size
    but even so I thought it fine
    to spread a quilt beneath the stars... more »

  • Garden Of Glass

    A rainbow of serrated globes,
    Friends to the water lilies,
    Floats in a sculptured pool.... more »

  • Gathering Wood For The Hearth

    It wasn’t really John’s saw
    that carved the branch into fire logs -
    its blade severing rings of time.
    The saw was mine but just like his.... more »

  • Go Ahead, Be Nervous

    Don’t be nervous you say!
    Sorry, can't be helped -
    what with this neuron spider web
    woven through my innards!... more »

  • Golden Silence

    As her aria gently cadenced,
    the diva's breath and mouth were set
    for her most luminescent high “C”
    and not a sound came out.... more »

  • Grace The Magician

    There were no rabbit hat extractions,
    Floating pastel scarves,
    Or fluttering dove wings
    But it was magic nonetheless.... more »

  • Grand Prize, $10,000! (Re-Post)

    It sounds sooo enticing -
    a poem by moi
    gracing the elegant pages
    of a treasure trove... more »

  • Growing Season

    A giant pendulum in the cosmos swings
          and galactic pinwheels circle in the aether.
    The vernal equinox brings fairer weather
          as gentle rains sire life's new springings.... more »