• Harper's Ferry

    A bell tolled
    through the fog at dusk
    to summon passage
    across the roiling waters.... more »

  • Hero Without A Badge

    Richard strained his eyes
    and watched his deliverer
    merge into misty shadows.
    Never would he know... more »

  • High Toned And Christian

    This election year I'd to be like Wallace Steven's
    High Toned Old Christian Woman
    but I'm ever so confused.... more »

  • Horizontal Transcendence

    To better view the fairest stars of
    Genesis, Keats or Kepler,
    learned priests and lectors
    of vertical transcendence... more »

  • Human Family Picnic

    Imagine a Human Family picnic
    where everyone shows:
    from every sect and hue and nation
    gathered at a common table.... more »

  • In Memoriam, Will Barber

    How can it be that crusty old Will
    has left the present tense?

    But this like every other truth... more »

  • In Praise Of Muscles

    Make a muscle?
    Only God can make a muscle.
    and you can mark me down as grateful... more »

  • Independence Day

    “It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews,
    Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations
    from one End of this Continent to the other
    from this Time forward forever more.”
    John Adams – July 3,1776.... more »

  • It's A Near Scandal!

    It's a near scandal I say!
    How could she do it
    and where did she go
    to get it done?... more »

  • Jacob's Ladder

    While Jacob slept on a pillow of stone,
    He dreamed of a ladder rising up to heaven.... more »

  • Jeff's Generator Shop

    The urban cowboy swaggered in
    sporting jeans and boots
    and a quarter cigar.
    Tipping his Sears-bought Stetson... more »

  • Jerry Singing At His Lathe

    Slim and mustached
    Jerry sang his heart out
    In bib overalls at his lathe –
    The Mario Lanza of Kent-Moore Tools.... more »

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Beethoven once said of the cantor of Leipzig
    “Not a stream but an ocean.”

    Sebastian Bach wove sonic tapestries... more »

  • K. C. Snow Globe

    The griffin outside my balcony
    rumbled and shook
    flipping Kansas City
    upside down and back.... more »

  • Kayla

    Light bulbs are redundant
    When Kayla walks in -
    bathing every person and surface
    with the flood lamps of her smile.... more »

  • Khoral Kathy

    for my choral mentor, Kathryn Smith Bowers
    in celebration of her 60th birthday

    Ah yes dearest Kathryn –... more »

  • Lame Deer's Vision

    High atop the mountain
    A boy crouched alone in the vision pit – waiting.
    Raising his red stone pipe to the four directions
    He sent clouds of willow bark smoke... more »

  • Leaves Of Gold

    The artist leaned in slowly
    to his daughter’s sculpted visage,
    placed a slender leaf of gold
    across her ceramic brow... more »

  • Life Be Not Proud

    When proud ones boast
    Of all that is loftiest
    In his faith,
    In her flag,... more »

  • Life Is A Cafeteria

    Life is a cafeteria because

    there are too many dishes
    for one small tray... more »

  • Like A Phoenix

    Courageous Phoenix, what do you know
    of your past and future conflagrations?
    With wings afire, do you sense
    the embers of your renascent soul?... more »

  • Masked Man

    A solitary figure
    stealthily scales the creaky steps
    on a frigid moonlit night -
    dogs whining in unison... more »

  • Mastodon Hunt

    Spear shafts splintering beneath its collapsing hulk,
    the mastodon crashed to the earth,
    roared its final lament and fell silent.... more »

  • Medicine Wagon

    I’d jump at the chance to ride shotgun
    on Henry’s medicine wagon
    rolling from city to village
    hawking 'Stickin’ Salve' and 'Oil of Gladness'.... more »

  • Mini You

    It's been something of a while
    since I tumbled down
    out of the warmth and darkness
    into this bright uncertain space.... more »