• Modern Narcissus

    Narcissus leaned forward
    to better view his matchless beauty
    and tumbled to watery doom.... more »

  • Morning Paper

    Turn the lock
    take a short walk
    pluck a blue plastic package
    from the lawn.... more »

  • Musica Antigua - Musica Moderna

    Prize of a difficult hunt
    fresh meat seared in the fire pit:... more »

  • My Father's Dance

    The phone rang after 2: 00 am.
    Taking the steps in pairs
    my legs faltered at his door -
    paralyzed by denial.... more »

  • Needle In The Desert

    Meditation on Mark 10: 17 - 31

    He departed in sorrow.
    Where had he failed?... more »

  • Night At The Philharmonic - 1877

    Snowfall gently covered Belleville
    With a blanket of softest down –
    Iridescent in the gaslight coronas.... more »

  • Nightfall

    It’s that time again.

    The sun pales in the west.
    What is there about the dusk... more »

  • Nude Seated By The Window

    after Untitled by Ruza Bagaric,1996

    The nude on canvas
    sits by the window looking out,... more »

  • Obama Takes The Oath

    On an early November day
    when the last oak leaves
    clung to barren branches,
    Americans from Maine to L.A.... more »

  • Ockham's Appliance

    You can find Ockham's wisdom
    displayed on the web
    inscribed with ones and zeros.... more »

  • Old Boethius

    Boethius wrote his tripartite definition of music in a prison cell awaiting execution.

    Musica Instrumentalis.... more »

  • Piasa

    Ouataga raised his arms to the sky
    in offering for his people -
    prepared to be ripped from life
    by the claws and teeth of the Piasa... more »

  • Psychic Fur Balls

    Some days
    I'm just poemed out.
    Blank screen between the ears.... more »

  • Requiescat In Pacem

    Decked out in chiffon and lace
    young Ella, named after mom,
    never felt so grown,
    rushing to mother’s call -... more »

  • Rockwoods Trail

    Just to shake things up a tad,
    we chose to hike the trail
    from tail to head –
    stepping ever back in time... more »

  • Sacred Calderas

    Above the caldera at Yellowstone,
    a brittle soilrock crust
    caps a lake of liquid fire
    with only fumaroles of acrid steam... more »

  • Sam's Watch (1915)

    When the arc of the hands of his watch
    Reached the top of the hour
    Sam pushed the throttle forward.... more »

  • San Damiano

    San Damiano hovers on the majestic bluffs
    overlooking the great bend of the Ohio
    bound for its rendezvous with the Mississippi.... more »

  • Senza Fine (For Connie Francis)

    for Connetta Rosa Maria Franconero

    Dear sister, daughter, friend,
    beloved global village singer... more »

  • Singing Valentine

    for Robin

    I walk serenely
    with my songbird at my side... more »

  • Songbird

    Robin hums as she tends her garden
    while birds perch all around
    waiting for rustling seeds
    to fill the slender columns.... more »

  • Soul Flight

    in memoriam Woodrow (Woody) Rifenburgh

    The soft purr of a Piper Cub
    drifted over Italy's southern hills.... more »

  • Steamship, Put-In-Bay

    for my parents with love

    Such a grand and festive lady
    that steamer to Put-in-Bay... more »

  • Stylus, Radio And Broomstick

    in memoriam Les Paul

    You took us for a glorious ride -
    beyond the lofty moon... more »

  • Suburban Sunrise

    A trail wends its way
    Between the corn
    and Metrolink rails
    where songbird choirs... more »