• A Penny For The Guy

    Nine o'clock....almost.
    Backyards and parks spark with the glow of 'guys.'
    People hurry home to savor the roast;
    The inch of time steps swift.... more »

  • A Rude Awakening

    A blast from a Tannoy breaks my
    Early morning sleep, not for the first time...
    Sounds invade the stillness of compound
    And handcuff my ears to a cacophony... more »

  • A Trek To Freedom

    He shuffled stolidly down the brown track,
    Dust pitted to skin and in his head
    He carried the hamlet and rusted
    Remorse in Autumn's air. With faces hidden... more »

  • A Trini Christmas

    Christmas. Parang and carols surround
    The season with songs of joy.
    Pastelles and fruitcakes are eating well
    And turkeys gobble ham with chow-chow... more »

  • A Vision To Hold

    Through a vapour of tears he fixed his
    Eyes on me and watered those desert years,
    Years that cloaked years in untold mystery,
    To prise my soul from the web of time;... more »

  • Anaemic Lamps

    Midnight. Shadows slip over the horizon
    While boats sleep like babes silently as a mime.
    Green water wears a charcoal gown
    Rubbing ribs gently muttering... more »

  • Apocalypse

    Dawn fires fierce and furious
    breaking the day of stillness
    with gulls wailing rusty on wings.
    Earth toasts crisp today... more »

  • Ballerino Barons Of The Sky

    School days were fun but we waited for shut down
    And Easter kites to rise on rainbow coloured
    Wings singing from the balcony of blue.
    'Mad bulls', never in tune snort and sway... more »

  • Broken Flame

    What candle from what wax
    burns the wiry forest as bright as steel,
    slicing sluice gates to sea
    and firing with fever the soul?... more »

  • Carenage

    Carenage, scourge of government neglect,
    Limps in hills, a fugitive of Justice
    With gun and the 'white lady.'
    You cannot get your head around Ganja... more »

  • Counting The Cost Of Sacrifice

    School is silent, pupils gone
    Carrying the cutting edge of minds sharp.
    He steps down the stone stairs, clunks the gate
    And locks chain in a click. With portfolio... more »

  • Curses And Cries

    Smugly the candle sits blinking,
    its Cyclops eye waxes tears
    as words steam to fire furnaces.
    Temperatures burn bare threads that tie us,... more »

  • Desert Land

    Sands pallid and fine drift in the wind
    Merging in dunes ever changing in some
    Nervous shift. Here the angels shed no tears
    Save solitude wiping moisten eyes... more »

  • Desert Night

    Night shifts like the desert sand
    Under shadows of the moon,
    Pocketing threads of moonlight in clouds
    Blown by Zephyr in a zip,... more »

  • Early Morning

    Forks are humming in hotel kitchens,
    Kettles snort like a bull -
    Dawn lifts lids like a magnet,
    Shaking sockets with its pull... more »

  • Eye Of The Furnace

    In the root, agony -
    Then despair,
    With vastness of emptiness......
    Some life this,... more »

  • Flight From The Fall

    Leaves fell like paratroopers behind
    Enemy lines. Autumn laid ground
    For assault of the witch's white flakes,
    While winds like banshees rattle rooftops... more »

  • Halcyon Days

    January, soft as surf open doors
    To a New Year. Sun, showers shine
    And rain afar off is stored in celestial vaults.
    Road, thrown on the hill braces like teeth... more »

  • History Revisted

    Heaven rolls up night's shadow
    when early morning sprinkles sidewalks
    where drifters sleep, unmoved
    like death. He ambles through... more »

  • In Bondage Of Biblical Idols

    Caught in dual lies a couple struggle
    To think outside the child of Eden
    To taste the twin fruit of good and evil
    To gain knowledge not by obedience... more »

  • Law And Order

    ‘Boys in blue' finger triggers sights on blacks.
    Guilt perceived, slaps the face of innocence
    With a white hand. ‘Bobbies' bay for black blood
    And the air drifts like smoke with the smell... more »

  • Lest We Forget

    Ten years have etched the face of time -
    Since tears in sombre drops lament your sleep,
    And yet, we hold the deck stacked high
    To memory, mocking the faceless thief....... more »

  • Lord Of The Dance

    A salmon sun slips shifting the setting,
    When like a light love sheds radiance
    On life's dark days casting clouds to bay,
    And from a parched peak water falls white roaring... more »

  • Memory Recall

    I remember those spunky days
    of youth when we snoozed in early morn
    ere the clang of church bells beat those drums,
    and Gombo Li Li decked in birthday suit spouting... more »

  • Nature's Lance

    Dawn pierces the black armour with lances
    And primed grit forking lightning to split
    The crack of thunder -
    As wind steams and whistles like a kettle,... more »