• No Escape

    He walked out, waited for a train
    to Tomorrow with burden of years
    bagged on his back, eyes focused on new pastures.
    Her scoffs and sneers, spurns and snubs were whips... more »

  • No Love, No Light, No Logic

    Sons of Earth, catastrophic times,
    Vicious and twisted like a tornado
    And blinded by some 'sacred book',
    Planning destruction of the infidel,... more »

  • No Stone Unturned

    In fields and forests I searched for Jesus
    But found Him not
    On Rocky Mountains I combed the peaks
    But found Him not... more »

  • No Tears For Me

    Stare not at tongues of flame and cry.
    I do not burn nor did I die.
    I am the blessed breeze that blows
    The precious pearl that holds its glows;... more »

  • On Returning To Shore

    Evening. He shuffled along golden sands
    winding widgets like a thief planning
    burglary. He paused near the moss green
    mangrove roots plaited through shallows in black... more »

  • On The Rocks

    Once entranced, mountains naked and stony
    Run for miles rolling in lanes
    Where clouds are hats on heads of peaks.
    Dry like an Arab state in Ramadan,... more »

  • Sea Forest

    Jack stood there with a grin inching
    His ears as teeth gleamed like pearls on black hair.
    He was back with his first love, sea forest
    And the brook began gossiping.... more »

  • Shadows Of The Reeds

    In a brown road of fences and walls vines leech
    to sliding roofs as cocoa dances
    to creaks that swing into orange beds
    and fields when ‘very fine legs'... more »

  • Such Solemn Service

    St. Agnes church was still there.
    Nothing had changed much save the bell that kept mum,
    But dad was dead. In front to welcome
    The congregation stood pond,... more »

  • Sugar Cane

    Cane cuts across a braid of bamboo,
    Blades unsheathe match no machete
    Threads of sweet sap strip naked,
    Tantalize taste buds in rainbow colours... more »

  • The Balance

    Dawn cracks with shouts of thunder,
    And shoots a string of pellets
    Dotting my frosted pane.
    You hardly spot the beads... more »

  • The Black Horse Cometh

    A smack echoes across the room.
    Innocence draws first breath in pain -
    The sharp shock a primer for future strokes.
    In time we become immune to the sting,... more »

  • The Cover Up

    In isolation he drank heavily -
    And pretended the poison had not plagued
    His body as he tumbled down another
    Black road, giving expletives to tongue.... more »

  • The Great Leveller

    Silently she stalks the corridors of time,
    A piper faceless in a world of mist,
    Her chord, a dirge dreaded by mice and men
    Rattles shields even of the gods -... more »

  • The Journey

    Into the drizzle rays and peppermint wind
    You rise celestial
    Into the cycle of death and rebirth
    You rise celestial... more »

  • The Spirit Moves

    The Spirit that sparks my veins moves my soul
    Moves my mind like a meteor in arc
    Is my Great Flame.
    And I am engulfed by White radiance... more »

  • The Unveiling

    From the bowels of destitute and despair,
    A nation sits on the brink tottering
    Like a cripple beaten and broken
    Into submission, powerless as a... more »

  • Those Dismal Days

    When those dismal days draw near full of rest,
    And rocking on the porch, open this book,
    And turn pages loose when reflections held
    Softness in the eye, with mysteries wide;... more »

  • Those Solar Days

    Nothing striking nor spectacular ruffled
    those solar days. Hours strolled by without
    fuss or clamour so we railed roads to rinks
    and glided like corbeaux wide and focused,... more »

  • To Daddy....In Loving Memory

    Saw you struggle with the fading of the light -
    Saw you grasp the handle of this life;
    Heard you whisper words that wing in flight -
    Felt your prayers pierce all souls with strife.... more »

  • Today With Thanks

    Today with thanks you adorn this home,
    Rubbing voices to curl in shells of ears
    While hearts dance like electricity,
    Lighting the gates of heaven -... more »

  • Turning Pages Of Life

    He thumbs pages pausing occasionally
    To retrieve happiness with friends-
    Joy in vivid venture holds his focus
    As excitement tingled his head with grog.... more »

  • Unpaid Bills Of Humanity

    Heaven has but hell to vanquish;
    Earth is stiff without a care,
    And, like shrivelled shrubs the homeless
    Live in heaps of flaking fear.... more »

  • When Christmas Comes

    Christmas, season of symbols spells
    Santa Claus and Rudolf flying through
    Sky like Pegasus without wings
    Save for 'magical reindeer dust'.... more »

  • When Darkness Falls

    The moon slides peeling the orange sun.
    Seaward seagulls sign a truce of silence,
    But cricket has not read the script
    And bowls a babble to bats leaving crease... more »