• A Better Man's Wife

    Kathie, you are the light of my life.
    Life should have made you
    A better man's wife.
    Kathie, you are the light of my life.... more »

  • A Boy's Best Friend

    Even as a youngster
    My best friend was a girl.
    But it’s not what you are thinking
    So let me share these few words.... more »

  • A Bundle Of Joy!

    More precious than silver,
    And value above gold.
    The worth can’t be measured
    Of the bundle you hold.... more »

  • A Contrast Of Time!

    (Tribute to my Mom)
    She’d check my forehead for a fever,
    And she’d do it with soft cool hands,
    Always followed by her tender kisses,... more »

  • A Feather Fell

    A feather fell down from the sky.
    I dipped it’s tip till the ink ran dry.
    On a parchment I scribed words and dots,
    To save for posterity this poets thoughts.... more »

  • A Figgy Pudding Recipe

    This write will not be fiction,
    I swear it all is true.
    If you’d like some Figgy Pudding,
    Here’s all you have to do!... more »

  • A Flowery World

    May the Bird of Paradise
    Fly up your nose.
    A beautiful spring flower
    Song sung long ago.... more »

  • A Hill Called Burger

    Hamburger Hill was just a name.
    A terrible place for a political game.
    It didn’t mean “nothing’’ to the men in suits
    Just how much blood dripped down on our boots.... more »

  • A Lion And A Lamb

    It seems at times we spar around
    Like the lion and the lamb.
    And I can hardly tell at times,
    Just which of these I am.... more »

  • A Lovers Song

    Wherever you go will I go.
    Your people will be my people.
    Your God shall be my God.
    Your friends will be my friends,... more »

  • A Matter Of?

    It's a matter of fact
    You can't fall off of the earth.
    It's a matter of shape
    For something of girth.... more »

  • A New Language

    I am starting a new language.
    It just came to me today.
    No it isn’t Haiku,
    We’ll call it Lo-Cal if we may!... more »

  • A New Year Arises

    Have you ever stayed in bed for a day,
    And never thought once to get dressed?
    For this year past that’s all I have done,
    Except for hospitals and doctors I guess!... more »

  • A Pyle For Gomer!

    Hootie Who, Hootie Who,
    Was all he needed to say.
    But Hardy Harr was what came out,
    And so he ruined the day!... more »

  • A Raging Fire!

    I’ve written words of poetry.
    It’s you on every page.
    And when I found you loving them,
    Then more writing I engaged.... more »

  • A Roofers Symphony

    Rat a tat whack.
    Click click clack.
    Gurgle gurgle boil,
    Splat splash splat.... more »

  • A Sniper's Life Nightmare!

    A rocket flashes in front of me.
    I feel it’s blast behind.
    I taste the blood of someone else,
    Who had been close by my side.... more »

  • A Soldier's Mantra

    </>This land that we come from,
    Is to us a house of pain!
    A bayonet may pierce our ribs
    But we have never served in vain.... more »

  • A Soldier's Plight!

    Pick yourself up and be a man
    You are a soldier, you know you can! .
    Forget the pain and grit your teeth.
    Life isn’t meant to be lived with ease!... more »

  • A Son To Save Us!

    Oh if we had a baby boy,
    We would love him all through the day.
    At night we would watch him
    While he was asleep.... more »

  • A Trip To The Zoo!

    I once saw an albino kangaroo,
    Beside a tasmanian devil at the Melbourne zoo!
    A koala was there,
    While a wombat combed the hair,... more »

  • A Withered Life

    The seasons of Life as told
    from the point of view of a tree.... more »

  • Abortions Are Immoral

    (An Acrostic Form Of Poetry)

    Another word for murder
    Bringing vicious acts to babies in wombs.... more »

  • Adam And Eve

    In that Garden of perfection
    God made Adam and then Eve.
    He knew man would need a partner
    So He then could take his leave!... more »

  • Adam And Eve Ii

    Of all the creatures in the world,
    You are the only one,
    That matches me so perfectly,
    And fills my heart with sun.... more »