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Intereating them
nice quotations, very nice
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Building Wall • (After Robert Frost’s Mending Wall) • •Someone there is who truly loves a wall •That separates the sky from the earth under it • •And rises boldly and blocks the mid-day sun •And divides north from south and east from west. • •The work of legislators is a messy thing. •Society is in constant need of immediate repair. • •But a wall is simple and obedient as a piece of stone. •The wall’s shadows leave no space for hiding. • •The stones barely leave room for air between. •But it is real and strong as anything man has made. • •Walls stand as monuments to those who leave them there. •While politicians argue endlessly on the hill, • •A wall is a dream worthy of a builder’s mind. •It will divide us as we should be once again. • •The wall will be the only thing we know •Thanks to shoulders that rise to build and reach • •To build a wall that shall never fail or fall. •There are no spells and yet a strange balance • •Comes from a wall forever as still as the earth turns. •We can hold stones and enjoy handling them • •And build a wall as if we play a game. •And to those who say, they want a door, • •I say, A wall is the most beautiful thing of all. •If God had built a wall around his orchard, • •No snake would have slithered across the grass, •So anyone who doubts a wall, I tell him, • •Remember good walls are better than good neighbors. •Winter may throw snow at it like thunder, • •But a wall as beautiful as a bed •Lies down as if the world’s at rest, isn’t it? • •Crows can fly over it, but there are no crows. •When I build a wall, I always know • •Who I am walling in and walling out •Whether it be a true wall or a flimsy fence, • •Someone there is who truly loves a wall. •That knows it is the illusion of a good defense. • •The Democrats may protest, though I’d rather •Put them on the other side, if I could dare. • •And wall out people whose ideas I’d like to stop. •But a wall I build is something that won’t be harmed. • •It will stand for centuries, a monument to me. •Longer than words carved in the skin of trees. • •It will last longer than a rally or a speech. •I am someone who truly loves to build a wall. • •Because there is no such thing as a good neighbor anymore. Claude Solnik
i have the complete works of Robert Frost and is one of my favorite poets.
this is amazing his work is so good i agree
I love this guy's unique and original
I like it that is very meaningful.
I love you sir.. You're my all time best poet.
Great poet...
I have problems with expressing my feelings
Why is he #2? He should be #1
Why is he #2? He's #1
I like almost all his poems, but especially love 'Dust of Snow' - its last 2 lines are wonderful.. The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued. Robert Frost, 'Dust of Snow' (1923)
Great poem...well expressed
Beautiful poem..
"The Road Not Taken" was my favourite poem as at 2011.Frost was a great poet.
The woods are lovely dark and deep, but i have the promises to keep, miles to go before i sleep and miles to go before i sleep The quote which helped me through my life and helped me do work in time
Dear, I like your flowery verses and the depth of their meanings.
beautiful! ! Thats all i can say! ! Beautiful! !