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Kentucky Fried Chicken
you guys are jerks be nice he tries his best
difficult poem i like this poem
i hate you robert frost
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Hey guys, I'm back from the dead. I stream Pokemon Go on Twitch everyday. Go follow my stream @RobertFrost: D
Guys, don't disrespect his poems, he can write better than the all of you.
Lick my bootyhole
This is the most trash I’ve ever read your poems suck I’m glad you can’t write any
Hello everyone I'm a person and I want to make sure all of you are dead by the end of the day so watch your back because your parent or someone close to you will be the first one to go.....haha lol i saw that one on a movie I'm sorta a nice person! ! ! ! ! Tell me if you want me to do another quote from a movie lol i would be really happy to.! ! ! ? ? ? ?
lol omfg omg oml gtg ily ilysm
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wtf
UMM ido not know what to say besides who wrote this poem is making me write a 5 page eseey about it and is sucks
I’ve always loved his poems
WTF m8 you are so ugly and u are more dead than my sister. LOOOOL. Your poems suck fam, I would use your poems to wipe my bottom
This guy is my hero. You mean the world to me
Frost has the best poems. Very good.
don’t be sarcastic Robert Frost is dead as a door nail
Dear trump and Hillary stop it now ok😧😧😧😧