Robert Frost Comments (381)

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Good job its a good thing to read the nature poems These are mostly symbolic 👌
Good job
soz for the troll with my friend Donald I actually luv his work 10/10 would smash
Soz for the troll love his work 10/10 would smash
jack frost plus Robert frost DeviantArt@fanficpage375#Robert+Jack//ryyhf/]
I think Robert frost wanted to commit throughout his life
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, (and are you sure you are not realted to jack frost? ? ? ? ?)
Thank you
MAke a poem about love
Maya gowsi
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how do you print these poems
i love robert frost's poems they make me feel calm and they have so much depth and emotion. i am twelve years old and i have made many poems.
I love how he rimes and uses things around him!
im doing it in school 4th grade
I like some of Frost's poems, not all them.
Robert frost is an amazing poet I hope he gets remembered by all xD