Robert Frost Quotes

With their ever breaking newness And their courage to be new.
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "The Courage to Be New."
"... The slave will never thank his manumitter; Which often makes the manumitter bitter."
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "The Literate Farmer and the Planet Venus."
"The best way to hate is the worst. 'Tis to find what the hated need, Never mind of what actual worth, And wipe that out of the earth. Let them die of unsatisfied greed...."
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "The Vindictives."
Than smoke and mist who better could appraise The kindred spirit of an inner haze?
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "A Cabin in the Clearing."
Arguments too stale to mention 'Gainst American invention Most of all the mass production Destined to prove our destruction.
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "An Importer."
Before now poetry has taken notice Of wars, and what are wars but politics Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "Build Soil."
What an exciting age it is we live in With all this talk about the hope of youth And nothing made of youth.
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "How Hard It Is to Keep From Being King When It's in You and in the Situation."
Thin emulous fond flowers are dead, too, And the daft sun-assaulter, he That frighted thee so oft, is fled or dead....
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. "My Butterfly."
Better to go down dignified With boughten friendship at your side Than none at all. Provide, provide!
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. Provide, Provide (l. 19-21). . . The Poetry of Robert Frost. Edward Connery Lathem, ed. (1979) Henry Holt.
Something inspires the only cow of late To make no more of a wall than an open gate, And think no more of wall-builders than fools.
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. The Cow in Apple Time (l. 1-3). . . The Poetry of Robert Frost. Edward Connery Lathem, ed. (1979) Henry Holt.