• A Tear For Tim Treadwell

    Clutching his teddy bear,
    He entered the dark woods,
    Determined to show them
    That he was a grownup.... more »

  • Dark Man

    Celebrating my 60th year,
    Amidst the balloons and kids,
    Grand kids, friends, neighbors,
    Cake and ice cream,... more »

  • Fallen Angels

    Cloistered inside these walls,
    They were here to do God's work,
    Expiate their sins.... more »

  • Hot Enchilada

    I spied her, hot and spicy,
    And wondered of my fate.
    This all could be quite dicey;
    Was too much on my plate?... more »

  • Hunting Party

    He turned away from his lifeless prey-
    It had been so different last night,
    Vital, animated, her scent
    Stirring his primal sap.... more »

  • I And Poetry

    Rhythm, rhyme and me,
    Mystic trinity-
    Words march perfectly,
    End in harmony.... more »

  • Novel Romance

    It's all there in the book,
    Spelled out page by page,
    Chapter after chapter-
    That first ignition by hot glance,... more »

  • Papa

    I read that he was sixty-two- so young!
    I recall when I had first heard the news,
    Long before my years touched his.
    I had absolved an old man then,... more »

  • Snapshot

    Life happens so quickly, it seems,
    That what was could be what one dreams.
    A snapshot is proof of something that was,
    But do we feel its touch because... more »