• To Oenone

    WHAT conscience, say, is it in thee,
       When I a heart had one,
    To take away that heart from me,
       And to retain thy own?... more »

  • To Oenone.

    What conscience, say, is it in thee,
    When I a heart had one, [won]
    To take away that heart from me,
    And to retain thy own?... more »

  • To Pansies

    Ah, Cruel Love! must I endure
    Thy many scorns, and find no cure?
    Say, are thy medicines made to be
    Helps to all others but to me?... more »

  • To Perenna

    When I thy parts run o'er, I can't espy
    In any one, the least indecency;
    But every line and limb diffused thence
    A fair and unfamiliar excellence;... more »

  • To Perilla

    Ah, my Perilla, dost thou grieve to see
    Me day by day to steal away from thee?
    Age calls me hence, and my grey hairs bid come,
    And haste away to mine eternal home.... more »

  • To Perllla

    Ah, my Perilla! dost thou grieve to see
    Me, day by day, to steal away from thee?
    Age calls me hence, and my gray hairs bid come,
    And haste away to mine eternal home;... more »

  • To Phillis, To Love And Live With Him


    Live, live with me, and thou shalt see
    The pleasures I'll prepare for thee:... more »

  • To Primroses Filled With Morning Dew

    Why do ye weep, sweet babes? can tears
    Speak grief in you,
    Who were but born
    just as the modest morn... more »

  • To Robin Red-Breast

    Laid out for dead, let thy last kindness be
    With leaves and moss-work for to cover me;
    And while the wood-nymphs my cold corpse inter,
    Sing thou my dirge, sweet-warbling chorister!... more »

  • To Sapho

    Sapho, I will chuse to go
    Where the northern winds do blow
    Endless ice, and endless snow;
    Rather than I once would see... more »

  • To Silvia

    ... more »

  • To Silvia To Wed

    Let us, though late, at last, my Silvia, wed;
    And loving lie in one devoted bed.
    Thy watch may stand, my minutes fly post haste;
    No sound calls back the year that once is past.... more »

  • To Sir Clipsby Crew

    Since to the country first I came,
    I have lost my former flame;
    And, methinks, I not inherit,
    As I did, my ravish'd spirit.... more »

  • To The Genius Of His House

    Command the roof, great Genius, and from thence
    Into this house pour down thy influence,
    That through each room a golden pipe may run
    Of living water by thy benizon;... more »

  • To The Handsome Mistress Grace Potter

    As is your name, so is your comely face
    Touch'd every where with such diffused grace,
    As that in all that admirable round,
    There is not one least solecism found;... more »

  • To The Lady Crewe, Upon The Death Of Her Child

    Why, Madam, will ye longer weep,
    Whenas your baby's lull'd asleep?
    And, pretty child, feels now no more
    Those pains it lately felt before.... more »

  • To The Maids, To Walk Abroad

    Come, sit we under yonder tree,
    Where merry as the maids we'll be;
    And as on primroses we sit,
    We'll venture, if we can, at wit;... more »

  • To The Rose: Song

    Go, happy Rose, and interwove
    With other flowers, bind my Love.
    Tell her, too, she must not be
    Longer flowing, longer free,... more »

  • To The Virgins, Make Much Of Time

    Gather ye rose-buds while ye may:
    Old Time is still a-flying;
    And this same flower that smiles to-day,
    To-morrow will be dying.... more »

  • To The Water-Nymphs Drinking At Thefountain

    Reach with your whiter hands to me
    Some crystal of the spring;
    And I about the cup shall see
    Fresh lilies flourishing.... more »

  • To The Western Wind

    SWEET western wind, whose luck it is,
       Made rival with the air,
    To give Perenna's lip a kiss,
       And fan her wanton hair:... more »

  • To The Willow-Tree

    Thou art to all lost love the best,
    The only true plant found,
    Wherewith young men and maids distrest
    And left of love, are crown'd.... more »

  • To Violets

    Welcome, maids of honour,
    You do bring
    In the Spring;
    And wait upon her.... more »

  • To Youth

    ... more »

  • Truth And Error

    ... more »