• Emotions

    I keep emotions locked away
    a caged animal ready to tear
    tear away and show a candid me
    so i hide him... more »

  • Hot Night

    hot night
    clothes tight
    brisk sweat
    forehead wer... more »

  • Nothing

    not a word
    not a ryhme... more »

  • On Paper

    I write my thoughts on this paper
    a string of poetry
    runs through my veins
    and I must express... more »

  • One Thought

    I'm lying in bed
    and a shiver runs down my spine
    and I cant go to sleep
    and then a simple yet ungainly question runs through my head... more »

  • Worry

    is it school?
    is it hormones?
    is it stress?
    is it the weather... more »