• A Spectacle

    The blue bike
    Framed around the proboscisian stump
    Gives the hill a quizzical gaze,
    A watch set upon the valley.... more »

  • A True Act Of Contrition

    Words armored and armed
    Sent forth to crush and cleave,
    Reinforcements committed,
    No reserves withheld,... more »

  • Almost Was

    I talked to she who almost was,
    And every sound - sighs and chuckles
    Question and comment - was freighted
    With what could have been... more »

  • And Now

    The antecedent was respect.
    Admiration came before.
    There was a precedent of desire.
    Previously, curiosity.... more »

  • Ashes

    The smoke rises from my cigarette
    Sitting in the ashtray
    Surrounded by the detritus of earlier musings,
    I shuffle through scraps of paper... more »

  • Audacious

    Gi' me d' ball gi' me d' ball gi' me d' ball
    Over here over here
    That'z it that'z it... more »

  • Beach Party

    It’s been fun, exhausting.
    The mellow bunch singing lazily around the bonfire –
    Sparks spinning upward, reflected in the lake.
    They begin to move toward tents and sleeping bags,... more »

  • Before The Lines

    Can there be any doubt?
    You have overcome me.
    No other stands before you.
    This is consuming me.... more »

  • Before, During And After

    I don't know what is sweeter:
    The anticipation,
    The kiss, or the reflection.... more »

  • Bug Hunting

    He stood before me,
    Toes dirty from running in the yard,
    With tears tracing through the grime on his face.... more »

  • Camping Near A Waterfall

    One need not pin one's hopes on gravity.
    Physics' magic may confirm the cataract
    Booked by a gnarled elm and shredded pine
    Midway up the mountain path.... more »

  • Coming Home

    And as she stood
    A hot breath
    Like warm, scented oil
    Blossomed behind her ear... more »

  • Cynthia

    She enveloped my senses on her arrival -
    Midnight tresses, the mark of her Olympian precursor
    Reflecting the hour of our meeting -
    Beauty born of wisdom,... more »

  • Cynthia Ii

    Her dark beauty, fragile, defies gravity.
    She has left behind silken splendor
    To wander the world
    And offer her tender graces... more »

  • December, Mid-Day

    On this day that has lost its mindfulness
    Of blossom and aromatic fecundity
    Of casual life, splurging its vitality
    On birdsong and squirrelish chatter,... more »

  • Even When You Lose, You Win

    'I can't.'
    'Why not? '... more »

  • Family Christmas

    The Christmas when my marriage died and nothing came out right
    I’d flown into Nebraska, but Althea missed that flight.
    My parents had her gifts around the Christmas tree alight,
    But since she was St. Louis bound, it was a silent night.... more »

  • Friendship

    I came to her in tears.
    No need for prologue,
    She knew.
    I cried and babbled incoherently... more »

  • Fugedaboudit

    So I was goin', see, ta meet wid dis guy.
    An' all of a sudden, I forgot wha' I was doin'.
    So's I stop right there.
    An' whadaya know,... more »

  • Fuzzing Out

    I love those moments when everything goes fuzzy,
    My Self steps out for a walk next to me as it gazes
    Through my eyes, borrowed and so newly seeing.
    The familiar takes on a foreign sheen,... more »

  • Haze

    There is no need to obfuscate...

    Haze settles over the city.
    Heat.... more »

  • Her Eyes

    Her eyes
    Bespeak the emeralds of Phonecia
    And Grecian gold well weathered.
    A trace of Spain's Moorish amber... more »

  • Inhuman

    What dreams are befouled behind that face –
    Wind burned and cramped,
    Smeared with dirt and spittle,
    Eyes – not vacant – alert to another reality,... more »

  • Insomnolence

    Despite the rage and rawness twitching at my left eye
    And the constrictions coursing through my forearms
    I sit
    Professing sleep to the imp ratcheting at my brain.... more »

  • It May Not Be Love

    It may not be love that replays that instance
    Slowly, and with richer detail -
    That moment when I felt the cocoon burst,
    And the winged dance of abandon within me... more »