• Jocylyn

    Just because she holds my heart,
    Only because I can't help myself,
    Could she make this life complete?
    Yes. She is the one I need.... more »

  • Linked Haiku

    If paper shattered
    Like my defenses near you
    Love notes would snow down... more »

  • Medicine

    And she revives me.
    When work has left me indolent,
    She offered me a chance to be
    Freshened, seemingly brilliant... more »

  • Misunderstanding

    Her face crumbled and pinkened.
    Anger, confusion and hurt etched across her features
    As she tried to decode what I said.
    Was THAT what I meant?... more »

  • Moving Day

    'Is that all there is? ' he asked
    As he stooped to collect the final box.... more »

  • No!

    Interjection, interdiction,
    It's negation and restriction
    'Yond which one can never parry.
    Never but to the contrary.... more »

  • On Reading Graham Greene's 'The Quiet American'

    Pyle and Fowler
    So civilized
    Fighting over Phoung
    And Vietnam... more »

  • Original Sin

    Once, I was a brute,
    That once, when I was young.
    Once a girl was there
    And I said things -... more »

  • Painting

    He watched fretfully
    As she, with paint brush far too large for her preschool hands,
    Splashed liquid sage aggressively against the wall
    While she swung her head around to smile,... more »

  • Picnic

    Yes, it sizzles...

    That's the sound of summer,
    Beef doing it's thing on the grill,... more »

  • Pinay

    As the sun rises
    From the Cebu Straits,
    An orchid,... more »

  • Reading Neruda To My Lover

    We stood in an old book store
    That telescoped from room to room,
    And in a corner, I found a book.
    Listen, I said -... more »

  • Reunion

    You fumbled and I tangled my hand in your hair
    And both of us showed our novice tendencies in our urgency
    But that seemed no reason to balk at the precipice
    Of our adolescent ardor in full potency.... more »

  • Romeo And Juliet (Condensed)

    He spied.
    She sighed,
    Then cried.
    She lied.... more »

  • Sated

    And afterward...

    What is there to say?
    The blush and aroma,... more »

  • She

    She said...

    I hope you feel -
    I hope you -... more »

  • Simple Pleasures

    A tingle in my nose
    As crisp air swells my lungs.
    Invigorating.... more »

  • Sleepless

    She tickles the edge of my dreams
    No pacific moment
    As I lay staring into the night
    Looking for her... more »

  • Slightly Used

    I've found what's used to be of greater value.
    The wear shows utility in function.
    Tools that have stood the test of time
    Are valued by the careful carpenter.... more »

  • Spring

    The memory of wet shoes and grimy windshields and grey days
    Melts as the first fecund aromas permeate the air,
    And I sit dumbstruck by the sudden dissolve of the winter haze
    And the first buds and birds that take the dare... more »

  • Spring Break

    All the kids are gone.
    Locker doors hang open.
    Old worksheets and pages torn from spiral notebooks
    Trodden into grimy gray litter... more »

  • Summer

    Some might say...

    It's past that time of first blush -
    First leaves and petals -... more »

  • Sunrise In Chicago River West

    Showering down an arc of meteors as it clacks across an off-kilter joint,
    The 'L' grumbles above Lake Street,
    Smearing early morning as the Kosher butchers trundle their loads up ramps into the hungering maw of road behemoths snoring in anticipation.... more »

  • Telephone

    You are there -
    In my reverie but beyond touch
    At this moment, after our conversation
    Carried by electrons, stripped of the true warmth of your voice... more »

  • Telephone Call

    When she calls
    I stop -
    And between the ring and the moment I answer
    Her face appears in all it's moods and colors,... more »