• A Poetic Tale

    What exactly do my words entail?
    so listen carefully to my poetic tale.
    You count my words one, two, three,
    And realize I wrote this poem for thee.... more »

  • A Wall Of Masks

    Hiding behind a wall of masks, creating that shrouded appearance of Which you behold. The belief that no one will understand, the true Meaning of your deepest sorrows.... more »

  • All That's Left Are Memories!

    A memory, that single recollection of you and me,
    Fiery and powerful within minds grasp,
    Keeping me sane through nights of darkness,
    As no longer do you lie next to me,... more »

  • Being Alive

    Each day that passes is harder to bare,
    This sense, this feeling, each breath of air.
    Waking up to this sense of dread,
    My mind it's broken, disconnected within my head.... more »

  • Bright Eyes

    In her eyes a brightness I see,
    Glinting happily right back onto me.
    The brilliant turqouise blue of her eyes,
    As clear and as sharp as the mid morning skies.... more »

  • Casanova

    To write a poem one must be truly inspired,
    so write it for the girl you deeply desired.
    think of words that describe her well,
    like pretty and interesting, jolly and swell.... more »

  • Dreaming In Reality!

    Feelings true within darkness of eyes,
    Connection strong, with no chance of lies.
    Forever and always love is found,
    Girl in my dreams, reality bound.... more »

  • Emotions

    Intriguing things are those which come from deep within us,
    An understanding of complexity to which no one fathoms.
    Emotions, dwell behind all and remain foremost important in life,
    As without these precious, invisible diamonds.... more »

  • Everything For A Smile!

    Once it starts it never stops,
    The feeling of elation it never drops.
    When I see you begin to smile,
    I know that this is worth my while.... more »

  • Forever Sorry!

    Nothing I say
    Nothing I do
    Will remove the feelings
    I have for you.... more »

  • Heads Held High

    Little Girl with vibrant eyes,
    Stricken with thoughts and emotion,
    With head held high the constant question.
    Why?... more »

  • In The Dark

    Can you keep up with this melodic pace,
    The one that’s etched upon ecstatic face.
    Moving to the beat of the pulsing drum,
    Soundless noise, behind the blackened hum.... more »

  • Inspirations

    The inspiration now lacking in mind,
    The torture that I now hold, crushing and painful.
    How I wish to hear words of joy, no longer escaping
    Behind impassive, silent mouth.... more »

  • It's All About You!

    On a lonely night we remain but seperate,
    But oh how I long, this feeling so desperate.
    For another embrace that strong affection,
    Drawing us closer, this sudden connection,... more »

  • L.O.V.E

    A continuous facade to which we both cling to. The constant notion that words mean naught, for true, heart felt emotion. love so messed up, so indecisive, so intriguing the mere thought draws us closer. A sudden rush of blood and once more do we fall within each others arms. such an existence. Acceptable?

    Previous accusations and tormented statements bare no importance as smiles blaze. The tiny moment of relief, of long awaited happiness thaws cold hearts inside. Such wasted love essential for the cleansing of ones mind. The weakening of hearts and new realization of the mind paramount. For future beliefs.... more »

  • Late At Night!

    The time no friend nor neither foe,
    For this long but yet apparent woe,
    It lights itself upon scorned belief,
    With no satisfaction nor beloved relief,... more »

  • Letting Go

    Let go of everything and believe in nothing,
    For belief in everything can lead to depression,
    As depression is the act of believing,
    Everything that you thought was true,... more »

  • Lonley Hearts Shatter!

    Words of comfort are offered through voice of mind.
    Alone. she waits, surrounded by shrouds of doubt and sorrow.
    The once bright eyes, a now faded dull tint. life evasive.... more »

  • Never Content!

    Remember the day that she was born,
    The day in which you woke at dawn,
    With mind installed upon girl in dreams
    The river smattering, rainbow streams.... more »

  • One Life! One Chance! One Goal!

    Looking out at what we've become, what we once were. The question always lingers, what next? Life a never-ending journey, with inevitable outcomes for us all. With one shot to make our names one with history.... more »

  • Setting Sun

    A hollow memory to which I cling,
    Happy moments, flickering light,
    In the land of the golden sun,
    That was where I remain but pure.... more »

  • Sigh

    Gentle touch for which I long,
    Smile bright from eyes within,
    Twinkling spark that melts the heart.
    Salvation.... more »

  • Silence Is Golden, Ignorance Is Bliss

    silence is gold, ignorance is bliss
    and so too is a good nights kiss.
    you count my words one, two, three
    and realise that this poem is for thee.... more »

  • Simple Feelings

    It all begins with a simple feeling,
    The Love, the hate this sense, leaves me reeling.

    You do not know what you do to me,... more »

  • Smile For The People!

    Reality, the sweet disease that we strive to ignore,
    Ever intruding as those who seek to mask themselves,
    Remain shadowed behind smiles of lies.
    Behind anxious eyes the true sight of discomfort,... more »