• Angel

    Are you an angel?
    Did you fall from the sky to save me?
    Then I must be a demon.
    A messenger of darkness.... more »

  • Blind Wanderer In A Dark Forest (Sonnet 10)

    Children fall in rains of December
    Autumn leaves turn silky and soft
    They make me think and try to remember
    What light this world has given and lost... more »

  • Far And Beyond (The Endless Skies)

    I know about the rivers and streams
    Heard about the lands and seas
    Rumors about the lakes and ponds
    But shouldn't we think far and beyond?... more »

  • Forever Lost (The Wall Of History)

    I’m walking in a dark alley.
    Can’t even look eye to eye at my solution.
    I see markings in the walls- and in my heart I know
    they were there for me.... more »

  • Happiness

    Could I take an apple from a tree
    and hold happiness in the same hand?
    A hole – would its depth satisfy me?
    Or should I dig even deeper?... more »

  • Pictures

    Everyday of my life I wait for that special girl.
    The brightest of angels, the most promising spirit.
    But she lies on the other side of the island. Separated
    by a river of impatience. It flows forever just like the thoughts... more »

  • Prisoner

    I’m a prisoner, locked behind the bars of reality.
    Reality is the devil.
    Watching me work, watching me bleed.
    Reality’s cruelty gives birth to a dream.... more »

  • Small Job

    What would a business be, if nothing was there?
    Every brick has its purpose, and no builder is too small.
    What would it be like, with the windows too dirty to see through?
    The window washer fired, the cleansing water evaporated.... more »

  • The Matrix

    Everyday I wake up wondering who am I? Where am I?
    What’s my purpose in life? Everyday I wake up,
    lost in a world I’ve never seen before.
    I feel like I’ve never lived, but never died.... more »

  • The World I Left Behind

    I have always been tied down by chains and tree branches
    But I just kept doing what I felt, I spilled my heart
    Only for myself, because I knew it’s all I had
    With my heart I painted memories, fallen and sad... more »

  • Toy Soldiers Walking

    I see the soldiers walking, their heads held up high
    Through the hills of no return they ride, guns in the air
    A simple game of cowboys and Indians, just like the kids have played
    Though the kids had no idea, that green soldiers can stain red... more »

  • Waiting In The Sunset (Sonnet 7)

    The moment I hear the waves crash and tear
    At the walls of my shelter, slowly worn
    Slowly giving way, with little to spare
    Little to gain from the old, dead and torn... more »

  • Why Not Love? (Sonnet 8)

    I ask the stars a curious question
    'Why do you dwell in the night sky? '
    It's just a thought, just a suggestion;
    but what if you can answer why... more »