Comments About Robert Lynd

ivan Cosentino 14 Aug 2013 11:44
Quotes By Robert Lynd: “There are finer things in life than playing games, but, if there were no games to play, would more people do finer things? I doubt it. They would probably only do something worse.” “The ordinary man takes very little interest in public affairs until they interfere with his private affairs.” “There is a taint about money earned by honest work. By the time one has earned enough of it one has got into such a habit of work that one does not know how to idle.” “C-3 kindness is too often A-1 cruelty. If the birds could speak, who doubts that they would begin their morning chant with a prayer to us to abandon out well-meant efforts to protect them? ” “There has never been a satisfactory definition of what constitutes a gentleman. I have been called a gentleman myself.”