• Haunted Places

    Vaporous forms adrift through cold dark rooms
    Are remnants of passing that in this life looms,
    And I’ve felt the touch that this dread embraces
    While wandering about in haunted places.... more »

  • Soldier

    The most abominable aspect of war is its necessity.

    To where are you marching, soldier,... more »

  • The Black Bird

    O’ the black bird this final twilight brings,
    He comes this night upon stealthy wings
    And thus to this I am fraught with dread,
    For darkness knells; O’ whither shall I tread?... more »

  • The Piper

    I’ve heard the music of the piper
    From where the faeries roam,
    For it carries thro’ the woodlands
    That stand behind my home.... more »

  • The White Cliffs

    He stood high upon the white cliffs
    Gazing out to sea,
    And as he watched its ebb and flow
    There upon he wished to be;... more »

  • Toward The Imaginary

    Nary dare I tend to touch upon
    The tangible ordinary,
    For I prefer the delightful pull
    Toward the imaginary.... more »