• A Man's Shrine...

    How I lamented his lest,
    Making a tender skin
    Way above the zest; ,
    Of a my inherited sin.... more »

  • Benefit Of Risk

    So yes... say: 'I supposed to',
    And no.. 'I should not have an excuse',
    For there is purpose in it although,
    It in itself can reason to refuse,... more »

  • Burning Flower...

    When the world is afar and against me,
    And my treasure of bold tears hold,
    No future to bear upon reason,
    And anything less held becomes told,... more »

  • Captured...

    So hear she says,
    hear she says,
    no loneliness no more,
    hear her say,... more »

  • Comfort Zone

    'I do not believe in a shared opinion, simply because I prefer to discover an indisputable truth instead.'... more »

  • Cornucopian Dilemma...

    Rapid eye recognition,
    Resistant for superstition, and respect alike.

    Unknown and held against in faith of tomorrow;... more »

  • Crack In The Mirror

    'A smile is only there to expose a literally consumed, given the fact one hurries it...'.... more »

  • Credit For A Soul

    I live this vision with myself,
    Me there and they too.., on our behalf,
    Captured in the moment of happiness,... more »

  • Development...

    Upon our veil of ignorance,
    The desperate becomes a fugitive,
    When compassion clears the sky,
    And raid engenders reason for the punitive.... more »

  • Dipsomania At Sea..

    Would it be fair for me to say,
    There are only two merits at sway,
    The graceful move towards; with life and all its wit,
    and...... more »

  • Divorce...

    With my dear heart in pursuit,
    and all the people I care about,
    I dig the soils of the mindful route,
    trying to get us safely home.... more »

  • Drift

    You could come if I asked you to, no?
    I do not see the sense in it...
    Trouble me with something else,
    A gift or fruit of life,... more »

  • Dust...

    Imagine love gone to dust,
    And you are cleaning this room,
    After a decade of love’s gloom.
    I enter this room of no despair,... more »

  • Fear

    Is it in our nature,
    To fear the life given,
    And naively measure it,
    When there is someone to hold on to.... more »

  • For Conrad

    I am a boy,
    Love my dad, then he ignored,
    My decoy button women adored.... more »

  • For Matthijs

    This day is gifted with the true colors of your name,
    A child of God; the bearer of life's flame.... more »

  • Four Dispositions...

    ... more »

  • Friends...

    Aye, we lived it for sure and in every season;
    Love has finally risen and there's no award.
    If my emotions could only reason;
    It should free us from this court.... more »

  • Gevangenschap...

    Goed, het is goed...
    vertaal niets zonder een dal,
    het vooruitzicht van vrijheid en uitweg,
    behaal het bedoelde en meet hoe ze is betaald.... more »

  • Good Bye...

    With my dire heart in pursuit,
    And all the people I care about,
    I dig the soils of the mindful route,
    Trying to get us safely home.... more »

  • Grand Gland...

    In desire we sever,
    With a long and short arm's keeper.
    Grand and forever,
    We whet the Beaver Heaver.... more »

  • Guilt

    My hurl of emotions,
    Are ventilated animations,
    Or frantically shared promotions,
    That safeguard from temptations.... more »

  • Ill Kindness

    Never has there been such ill kindness;
    Never has there been so much of the heart.... more »

  • Introvert Narcissism

    So there you show,
    on a wailing goat at bliss,
    now the graves and cord,
    plight stand-up to be borne...... more »

  • Lettuce...

    Pregnant with an early notice,
    I hereby let you know,
    I'll do anything you say...
    With my legend, myth or the shyly lotus,... more »