• Deep Deuce

    As phantoms direct life from the shadows,

    I feel
    I leaned on something,
    and it broke.... more »

  • Please Refrain from Talking During the Movie

    When I can't make you understand I repeat myself
    I repeat

    If you don't stop asking me all these questions how
    Will I understand anything... more »

  • The Great Awakening

    Oh, de wars and de scrapes
    And de sprees am done—sprees am done
    De foe am beat.
    De Turks am drowned—Turks am drowned.
    All safe and sounds... more »

  • Three Horse Operas

    for Patti Smith
    At the end of Bing Crosby's Riding High his horse
    Will be buried in the clay of the racetrack where he fell,
    As a lesson for all of us. Sad, waggish Bing,... more »

  • What the Dead Know

    Air here is like the water
    Of an aquarium that's been lived in for a while—clear and still
    Beyond the rigors
    Of glass; appearing cold (and clear) as spring streams
    Fed by snow and ice,... more »